Security Guard Vacancy Available in Canada 

Security Guard

  • Company: Securitas
  • Location: Mississauga, ON, Canada
  • Job Status: Security Guard Work Hours: Full-time
  • Salary: Not mentioned

The security guard is another respectable job that you can get in Canada to afford a good living. The job duties are tough and demand physical harshness and strong physical capabilities, but the requirements for this job are not much. You can easily fit into the job vacancy if you feel you can stand up to daily harsh and demanding physical environment. 

Securitas is one of the most famous and popular private security companies that provide ultimate security to guard entrances and gates and watch for fires. It hires the most competent people in its security sector and has become one of the most trusted and worldwide accepted security companies. 

If you were looking for a security guard job that perfectly meets your physical skills and competency level, then the job might be the destination for you. Following are some important details about the job:

Job Requirements: 

The candidate applying for the job must fulfill the following requirements: 

  1. The candidate must be able to showcase strong mental and physical capabilities:
  • seeing, writing, hearing, and speaking clearly. 
  • Ability to reach with arms and hands, crouching, kneeling, crawling, and stooping. 
  • Frequent standing, sitting, running, and walking even for longer periods.
  • Frequent lifting/moving of heavyweights. 
  1. He must be able to meet all the Provincial and municipal licensing requirements that are set for the Security Guards. 
  2. Must be available and able to work on all shifts, including day, night, evening, morning, and night. 
  3. He must be well-efficient in using a computer and various other operating controls, including various client security software applications. 
  4. He must be excellently fluent in English/French. 

Job Duties: 

The selected candidate is supposed to perform the following duties and responsibilities at the job: 

  1. He is supposed to make periodic patrols to check for any irregularities at the place. 
  2. He is supposed to inspect all the fire control equipment and protection devices. 
  3. He will have to observe and report all the activities and incidents happing at the client’s site: to ensure complete safety and protection of the client’s assets and personnel. 
  4. The candidate will have to preserve order and must have the ability to command over to perform some actions that are necessary to enforce directives and regulations at the assigned site of the client. 
  5. He will have to showcase strong physical skills to control any access to the clients’ site.
  6. He must satisfy the clients’ needs by providing excellent customer support service and should be able to eliminate any danger and risk to the client’s assets and property. 
  7. He must be vigilant enough in checking for the hazards, unsafe conditions, security violations, mechanical problems, blocked entrances and exits, unlocked doors, and any unauthorized person’s entry to the site. 

How to Apply

You can directly visit the company’s online site to apply for the job with all the required documents and information in the application. 

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