Waiter Jobs Available in Canada 


  • Company: Little Thai
  • Location: Beresford
  • Job Status: Waiter/Waitress Salary: Negotiable 
  • Work hours: Negotiable 

Waiters are who make the visit to any hotel comfortable and memorable. They are important entities that take the status of the hotel to another level of popularity. It is, therefore, a great job to have, especially in a country like Canada. 

Little Thai has remained successful in introducing Thai cuisine worldwide, including in Canada. It is a leading restaurant that serves its customers not only Thai cuisine but respect also. It requires a hardworking, passionate, and customer-friendly waiter/waitress who can make their relationships with the customers better and full of trust. 

If you want to apply for the job, the following are complete details about the jobs to become easy for you to do that. 

Job Requirements: 

The candidate willing to apply for the job must have the following things:

  1. He/she must have an authentic and attractive CV. 
  2. He/she must have an excellent ability to speak and understand the English language. 
  3. The candidate must be a good and cooperative team player. 
  4. He/she must have strong mental and physical capabilities. 

These are some of the requirements; apart from these, there is nothing else that Little Thai expects from you so strictly. 

Skills Required: 

Even though the waiter/waitress job doesn’t require any academic skills or degree, there are still some important skills required from a person to better showcase the tradition and culture of the restaurant to the customers. 

Following skills are required from the candidate: 

  1. The candidate must have the Food and Beverages Serving skills 
  2. Must have good communication and presentation skills 
  3. He/she must be able to showcase professionalism in the duty 
  4. The candidate must be effective in interpersonal skills 

Job Duties 

The selected candidate is required to perform the following duties: 

  1. Present menus and bills to customers and accept payments via every means traveler’s cheques, debit or credit cards, cash, and even the room billings. 
  2. Serve food and beverages 
  3. Take orders and relay to the bar staff and kitchen 
  4. Greet customers well 
  5. Make recommendations and answer questions to the customers regarding beverages and food. 
  6. Occasionally helping the front of the house with bookings and answering the calls 
  7. Clear and clean tables after the customers leave 

Job Benefits 

The selected candidate will be enjoying the following benefits at the job: 

  1. He/she will have Saturday Sunday off
  2. He/she will be enjoying negotiable work hours
  3. He/she will be enjoying a handsome negotiable salary 

Who can apply? 

Anyone who is legally permitted to work in Canada and has a work permit can apply for this job. If any candidate doesn’t have a work permit and is not allowed to work in Canada, they will not be considered for the job at all. 

How to Apply

This site is just for informational purposes; if you want to apply for the job, you can directly visit the company’s website and follow up on applying for the job. 

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