Canada Immigration from Pakistan

An Article That Explains Different Ways for Canadian Immigration

You can apply online for Canadian immigration if you have detailed information regarding each step to Canadian immigration. Information shared in this article will eliminate the need of Canadian immigration consultant. You can apply by yourself and save your money.

For Canadian immigration you have to apply on Canadian official website. Canadian Government has launched this service for international immigrants.

Family sponsorship – If your family member is in Canada and can sponsor your living then you can easily get Canadian immigration.

Work Permit If you possess a good skill then you can get work permit for Canada. Canadian Government gives work permit that lasts for at least two years or more. Skills that are required in Canada are: –

  • Heavy Truck Driver
  • Good Cook – If you have done good certification in cooking or you can cook good
  • Tile Fitters – Plumber – Builder etc.
  • Agriculture – You have to show land in your home country and provide proof that you are managing for agriculture purpose. Agriculture jobs are seasonal. You will get work for just six months and you have to find some other work for six months.

You can enhance these skills before applying for work permit.

Express Entry – Your have to acquire good skills and get good qualification for express entry. Qualified and experienced Engineers, IT developers or Doctors can get expresses entry easily.  This is a pool-based system, Canadian government allocates specific number of visas for express entry depending upon their industrial needs. This is first come first serve system. It takes around six months to one year to get express entry. Cost of this visa is comparatively low. If you get express entry this visa has a potential to give to permanent residency. If you want to identify your points for express entry you can check, they through different websites.

Job Offer – If your friend of relative helps you in getting a job in Canada and sends you a job offer letter then you can easily go to Canada. If you don’t have any network to help you for job offer then you can go to and click on Job Bank. Find your desired job in Canada. Apply for as much jobs as you can. As the response rate is too low. Keep on searching different job on job bank.

Certifications That Boosts Your Canadian Immigration Case

  • GMAT
  • GRE
  • French (B1 or B2 exam)

State Nominal Program – Different states of Canada offer different visas depending upon their requirements. At times this option is comparatively the easiest and most convenient for some specific individuals.

Schooling Visa – If you want to put you child in Canadian School then both parents can get the schooling visa. Your child should be less than 18 years of age.

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