5 mistakes to Avoid While Applying for Canadian Immigration Visa

Getting a Canadian immigration visa is not as difficult as you think. Still, there are some mistakes that most people make in applying for a Canadian immigration visa, and these prevent them from getting the visa. What are these 5 common mistakes that need to be avoided? Get ahead with this guide to know!

Mistakes Signing the Application Forms

The very first and the most common mistake that all applicants make while filling the form is that they do not sign at the place where it is required. This is probably the reason why applicants do not get their immigration visas to Canada.

There is a proper place to sign on the form: three signatures are required on a single page attached for the family information. What applicants do is a sign at only one spot: at the bottom of the page, whereas three different characters were required at a single page.

Note: The best way of avoiding a mistake while signing the application is that you must not sign at the required places while filling the form or without reading it, twice check all the things, then mark the signature and at the end, recheck the whole application once again.

Cover Letter

The cover letter is an important thing that goes at the top of your application and showcases why your application is worthy of qualifying for immigration. This is a part where most applicants lag: most applicants do not provide their cover letter, resulting in a considerable delay in their visa process.

Fee Payment

There are several immigration streams, and different payment methods are allocated for each one of them. Nevertheless, whatever may the payment methods be, you must not pay through bank draft for the Right of Permanent Residence but online, and it is the preferred method; otherwise, you will get your payment back.

Incorrect Photo Size

Before providing your photo with the form, read the details for the specifications and size of the photo in the IRCC instructions carefully. It will give you complete information of how much size your photo should have and then provide the right-sized picture with the application form.

Reading the complete instructions on the IRCC form will help you avoid any mishap in your immigration process. If you fail to fulfill the instructions regarding the size of your photo, you might be asked once again to resubmit the application form with the right-sized photograph.

Read other Information also.

There are many times when the listed documents are not enough to make your immigration case stronger, and thus you have to provide some other documents. Check out the documents that you can attach with your application form, as it will make your case even smoother and faster.


The last thing that you have to keep in mind is that you never provide fake information, as this may reject your application or even your exclusion from Canada at any time. Make sure to give all information correct, and in any case, if you provide fake information, also give the reason for not providing the information.

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