Aircraft Cleaner Jobs in UAE – 2024

A well-reputed company Transguard is offering Aircraft Cleaner Jobs in UAE. Aircraft cleaners are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of aircraft interiors and exteriors, including cabins, lavatories, and windows, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards.

More details about these jobs are as below:

Salary / Wages

AED 1080 + overtime per month

Educational Requirements

High school education is needed

The candidate can speak good English or Arabic Language

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Experience Required

No experience is required to apply for this job

Job Description

As an aircraft cleaner working at the bustling airports of the UAE, your role goes beyond just maintaining the appearance of the planes. You play a crucial part in ensuring the safety and efficiency of each flight by meticulously cleaning and disinfecting every surface of the aircraft. Your attention to detail is vital in spotting potential hazards or maintenance issues that could impact the overall operation.

In this fast-paced environment, being proactive and adaptable are key traits for success as an aircraft cleaner. From handling various cleaning products to collaborating with other airport staff members, your ability to work effectively under pressure is essential. Additionally, staying updated on industry regulations and best practices will not only enhance your skills but also contribute to a seamless travel experience for passengers.

Your dedication as an aircraft cleaner contributes directly to the smooth functioning of airport operations in the UAE. Embracing this important role with enthusiasm and professionalism ensures that each flight takes off with a clean slate, ready for new adventures ahead.

How To Apply

However, interested applicants will apply for Aircraft Cleaner Jobs in UAE and attach related certificates, educational testimonials, experience certificates, skills certifications, and recent pictures. Therefore, forward the updated CV with a complete job description. 


Contact: +92 0514927056 / 03005008540

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