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Semi-government company Transguard Group is offering Airport Loader Jobs in Dubai. As a Cleaner, Loader efficiently loads and unloads baggage and cargo, ensuring timely and safe aircraft operations.

More details about these jobs are as below:

Salary / Wages

AED 1080 + overtime per month

Educational Requirements

Matriculation certificate

The candidate can speak good English or Arabic Language

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Experience Required

No experience is required to apply for this job

Job Description

As an airport loader in Dubai, your primary responsibility will be to efficiently and safely load and unload baggage and cargo from aircraft. This role requires physical strength and stamina, as you will be required to lift heavy items repeatedly throughout your shift. Attention to detail is crucial, as you will need to ensure that the correct items are loaded onto the right flights.

Additionally, airport loaders play a critical role in maintaining safety standards at the airport by following strict guidelines for handling hazardous materials and ensuring that all equipment is operated correctly. The fast-paced nature of this job means that adaptability and quick thinking are essential qualities for success in this role. In Dubai’s bustling aviation industry, airport loaders serve as an important link between ground operations and air travel, contributing to the smooth running of daily flight schedules.

With opportunities for career advancement and skill development, working as an airport loader in Dubai can be a rewarding experience for those who are passionate about the aviation industry. The job offers a unique opportunity to work closely with aircraft while also providing essential support for efficient flight operations. As you navigate through the dynamic environment of Dubai’s airports, you will have a chance to witness firsthand the excitement and energy of air travel while playing a vital role behind the scenes.

How To Apply

However, interested applicants will apply for an Airport Loader job in Dubai and attach related certificates, educational testimonials, experience certificates, skills certifications, and recent pictures. Therefore, forward the updated CV with a complete job description. 

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Contact: +92-0514841800 / 03212444938

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