Canadian Study Visa

Find Out How You Can Apply for The Study Visa of Canada From Pakistan.

Canada offers the finest quality of education to its students. The educational institutions, facilities, and teaching methods of Canada are excellent and famous around the world. Many Pakistani students also desire to carry out their studies in Canada. However, the students cannot gain this opportunity due to not having enough information concerning the study visa policy of Canada.

This article will give you all the information you need to apply for the study visa for Canada. Information regarding the documents required, the eligibility criteria, and other essential aspects of the Canadian study visa will be highlighted thoroughly in this article. Read the article carefully and apply to avail a chance of getting a study visa of Canada.

Admission in a Canadian College or University

You firstly need to apply and successfully get the admission in a Canadian college or university.   You need to make sure that your chosen college or university is a “Designated Learning Institution.”  It means that your selected college or university must be registered with the government of Canada. The Canadian government must also allow that institution to give admission to international students. You can get this information from the official websites of the institutions you apply for.

Your college or university that you apply for will provide you with an “Acceptance of Studies Letter,” also called the offer letter. The fee of this offer letter provided by your institution is between 300 to 350 Canadian Dollars.

Documents Required

•           Offer Letter: “Acceptance of Studies Letter.” Your visa process starts with getting this document.

•           Language Proficiency: You need a 5.5 overall band in the academic category to apply for a college education. A 6.5 overall band in the academic category is required for university education. O-Level and A-Level students do not need IELTS.

•           Medical Examination Certificate: To prove that you don’t have any significant medical disorder, you will need to provide this document to the embassy.

           Tuition Fee Payment: The copy of your tuition fee payment must be provided to the embassy as part of the visa process.

•           Financial Requirements: To show that you can afford your living and study expenses, you need to provide a document. In case of a scholarship, the Canadian government provides your finances. If you are a student who is a self-financed base, you need to show a bank statement that proves that you can afford to live and study in Canada. The bank statement must show at least 40 to 45 thousand Canadian dollars.

Bank statements of parents or relatives can also be shown. In such a case, you also need to provide a “Family Registration Certificate,” given by NADRA.

The visa form can be found on the official immigration website Canada. You can attach the documents online and pay the fee as well. The embassy will invite you for the biometric details and verification of the documents. Therefore, it is straightforward to apply for the study visa for Canada if you have the correct information.

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