Different Ways to Get a Job in Oman

An Article for International Job Seekers. How to Get a Job in Oman For Pakistanis

Here are Few Ways to Get Your Dream Job in Oman

Oman the Arabic country has plenty of overseas workers. But the overseas workers work and live in Oman on temporary biases. Here foreign workers are treated very well. In 1970s the life style of Oman nationals has improved, and their government had taken bold steps to influx overseas employees. So, that they could uplift Oman’s economy. Expatriates has played a great positive role in Oman’s development. Demand of white-collar jobs and blue-collar jobs remains high.

Oman is located in Middle East, and shares its borders with Arab countries, i.e. Saudi Arabia, Yemen and United Arab Emirates. Arabic is the national language in Oman.

If you want to work in Oman, an easy step to find jobs in Oman is through online job search, it is observed that the response rate of online applications is very low, it falls between 0.50 percent to 1.00 percent. But you never know, maybe you can get some connections and offers through a simple e-mail or by submitting an online profile.

There is comparatively more potential for integration and advancement in other developed countries but, still for Pakistanis, job opportunity in this country pays satisfactory amount of remuneration. Overseas workers can’t become the permanent residents and can’t buy property in Oman.

Second way to find a job in Oman is to visit Oman on a tourist visa and drop you CVs in different companies of Oman and give interviews. If you get a job, then prepare your work visa or permit applications. There are high chances to get a permit or visa if you had secured a job in Oman.

Once you have got the job in Oman, you need to sign a contract. This contract contains details of your job description, you right and responsibilities. And obviously the contract will contain information like your salary and benefits. Termination conditions, notice period etc. Traditionally these contracts last for two years, but now they are shifting towards open-ended contracts. After arrival in Oman it is recommended that you should notarized the contract in Arabic Language. This Arabic copy will help in getting a part time job.

Medical Examination

All overseas employees must go through medical examination before the issuance work residence visa. You will be examined for serious health diseases such as HIV and AIDS.

This examination is more intense for natives of subcontinent Pakistan/India. Especially if they have hired for blur-collar jobs.

Living in Oman, Information that can’t be Ignored

  • Weather remains hot ad arid and have a mild winter in some parts of the country. People wear cotton cloth through the year. You will find centrally air-conditioning in shops, malls and other commercial centers.
  • If you can manage to get No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your current employer, you can switch you job in Oman.
  • In Oman Tax ratio is very low, and there is no income tax applied on salaries

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