Do you want to Settle in Qatar?

This article is for those Pakistanis who plan to work in Qatar.

If you want to work in Qatar, you have to get Qatar work visa and resident permit.

Pakistan is facing huge financial crises, its currency is losing its value day by day, no single policy of Government has the tendency to hold these financial crises. This results in huge unemployment. And people are finding a place from where they can afford their living, Qatar is a good option of Pakistan’s skilled and un-skilled workers, as it is an Islamic state and has a strong powerful currency.

Qatar Work Visa

It is necessary to have a work visa and a valid residence permit. if you want to work in Qatar and a work visa. For this you need to find a sponsor in Qatar. Sponsor is a Qatari local employer who wishes to hire you. Once you find a sponsor and negotiated on the work and abled to secure a job, then it is the duty on your sponsor to take action and initiate your work visa by requesting to Qatar legal authorities to hire a foreign worker to the Ministry of Interior of Qatar.

This is a simple process, While the procedure is underway, you need to travel to Qatar by getting single entry visa, that should be valid for at least three months. It is the recommended time frame that allows you to fulfill all compulsory administrative procedures and then apply for Qatar residence visa. If for some reason you have to leave the country and your process has not completed yet, then the process will reset to the day one as soon as you enter Qatar again.

Formalities for Qatar Resident Permit

You must get a work permit and a residence permit and a work visa once.

Medical Examination

Your employer/company will arrange a medical examination for you. It is the duty of Medical Commission to get your medical examination, they have a specific procedure, and separate areas for male and female. This medical examination fee in 100 Qtr. Keep the receipt save, as you need it to get your medical reports.

The medical reports include your x-ray, TB, HIV test results. Your biometric information will also be gathered after your medical checkup.

The requirements are often subject to change, and you can get updated latest set of requirements at Visa Section of the Qatar Embassy in Pakistan

One Last Important Thing

If your want to work for some additional hours with some other employer, or work as a private freelancer e.g. provide training or teach something etc. You have to get permission from your sponsor/employer as working without permission may results in serious sequences, and surely a breach of contract from your side

International workers require an exit visa if they want to leave Qatar on a temporary leave.

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