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Working abroad

Pakistan is facing huge employment issues since last decade, and our youth is forced to move abroad away from their families to work and earn their living – support their families. Many Pakistanis have successfully moved to USA and got succeeded to earn their living. There are three major ways to get job in USA,

Stay in Your Home Town and Apply for the Job

Applying for USA visa – moving to USA and then search for the job is not the right way at all. It is recommended to find job opportunity, apply online and once you get the job offer letter then it is very easy for you to get USA visa.

Easiest way to get a job from Pakistan in USA, is apply in companies working in USA and try to get the job offer letter before starting your visa process. First Identify cities where you want to live, try to figure out the community, weather, places you want to live etc. Select the cities in America and then search for the jobs in those selected cities, you can find jobs opportunity online. Individual having his/her major in technical subjects have high chances to get the job then other people.

You must focus more on job opportunities in USA, and then apply online for those jobs. Shortlist different jobs that you want to apply, while applying write a nice professional resume and a cover letter personalized for the specific position in that company. If you have any references in USA don’t forget to mention them and provide their details. In your cover letter offer them an online/skype interview. After your interview send them a letter of thanks after 3-4 days. If the company seems to be traditional write down the letter on paper and it, it’s a high-tech company send an email.

Work in a company that has a branch in USA

Second method is to join company in Pakistan that has a branch in USA, and is willing to transfer you to USA, in can be a Pakistani Company with a branch in USA or vice versa, make a contract with that company that it will transfer you to USA after a specific time period e.g. 1 year or so.

Get USA Student Visa and Search for Job After Moving in USA

But Unfortunately, the third and least advised option for working in USA is the most popular in Pakistan. They try to get study visa of USA, do some education and ask for a permission to stay there for few extra months and search for the job. There are high chances to get job in America as the American companies can interview you directly and meet you in person. Many Pakistanis have found success in this technique. They moved America as a Student and then found employment. If you want to adapt this method make sure that you have get admission in a school or degree that allows you to work.

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