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Most educated country in the world is Canada, having more than 50% of its residents, that have a university degree. Almost 350,000 students around the globe visit Canada and continue their study.

Before Started Reading, Ask One Question from Your Good-Self – What do you want to study?

You can find the best information if you want to study in Canada, but first you must decide that studying in Canada is the right decision. Right after selection of Course and University you can enroll in the university and after the enrollment you can start your visa application process. This process is time consuming and once you have applied, it may take one month for the decision.

Canadian visa application process has two options, you can apply online or you can apply on paper. If you have selected to apply on paper, you must submit your documents to visa application center. Biometrics is compulsory in both methods, and that must be done in visa application centers.  Biometrics is no more than fingerprinting and pictures. After your document’s submission, you will be asker to visit visa center again for the interview. Canada study visa is valid for up to course duration + 3 months.

Canada Study Visa Expense

Student Visa Fee and Other Expenses

Fee for Canadian Study permit is 150 CAD, you can pay this fee online or in Visa Application Centers or through bank transfer. At the time of biometrics, you must pay 85 CAD.

Documents Requirement

The most important thing that you must prove that you can afford the degree and support yourself during your stay in Canada. The proof is that can afford to pay 833 CAD/month and if you are studying in Quebec you can pay 917 CAD. You can provide the proof either through your external sources or through your Personal Bank Account.

Foreign Student in Canada can Work Under Following Conditions

There are different specific conditions in which foreign students can earn their living and work. On campus you don’t require work permit to work on campus but on the other hand if you plan to work off campus, you need to have a work permit.

After completing the degree, you can apply for the work permit under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program.

Some Tips

If you select subjects like finance, accounting, payroll or taxation. Canadian High commission assumes that these subjects are for Canadian employer and they are not useful for Pakistani students, if they plan to stay in Canada after completing their education.

Canadians focuses on different Technology programs and they believe that qualified personals of technical subjects have more opportunities to work in Canada.

For fresh engineering graduate it is recommended to gain project level experience of at least 2 to 3 years before enrolling in project management program.

Do not hide any previous visa refusal details if applicable

Apply online, you have the option to apply through paper, but online application is highly recommended.

Good Luck for Your Canadian Study Visa

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