Get Scholarships in China to Excel in Life 

China has one of the largest education systems in the world. Every year, many students get enrolled in the institution of china, and it provides students a benefit to exploring potential opportunities in the future.

Both the tuition fee and living costs are inexpensive in China when we compare them with other countries. Students can save money and study both at the same time in China. China’s education system assures you that you will get the best education there and get the best living standard. 

There are scholarships in china that the official government of China provides for international students, and some of the scholarships are provided by the private foundation of china. However, each of them is designed to support students in financing their education. 

Complete Guide to China Scholarships 

In China, there are three main scholarships: The Chinese government scholarship, which the government offers; The local government scholarship of china and The institution scholarship. Many different universities set up the scholarship of different kinds for international and native students at all levels. 

Scholarships are generally a reward for the student to finance their education better to boost their career in the future. The Chinese government gives you a lot of different scholarships and helps you enjoy your lifestyle very much.

Working in a multinational environment with students and professors of different caliber, you get to achieve the goals you dreamed. This happens because of the best quality of education and training institutes. 

Because the universities have great faculty members who know all the new teaching methods and how to train the students according to the market, it makes things even easier for students. 

 Period of Application 

For Chinese government scholarships, you must apply in January of each year. You should check the Chinese embassy in your home country and inform the important procedures and application process.

For Local government scholarships, these scholarships have different details. Applications are opened all year round.

Scholarships of Confucius institutions, the applications are open throughout the year, and the scholarship results are announced within 50 working days after you complete the application process.

How to Get a scholarship in China?

Get Fully-Funded Scholarship  

Every international student wants to get a fully-funded scholarship for their studies in which the official government covers tuition, living expenses, accommodation, and insurance for the whole study program.

Some international students think the best way to get a scholarship is to apply to as many universities as they can. You should check out the universities majors and all the related information about the scholarships.

If you want to get a fully-funded scholarship, you need to focus on one or two universities simultaneously to have a better chance to get accepted into it. This way, you will take the application process seriously and invest as much time in it to write the best application that surely hits a chance of acceptance. 

Somehow, if you get confused during the application process, you can contact the admission office of the chosen university and get guidance in a very good way to your journey.

Selecting a University 

First things first, you need to know that whatever university you are applying to is best for your future or not. In China, most universities don’t accept transfer letters when you arrive in China and want to change universities.

So you have to choose the best university according to your plans, then try to find the best scholarships. Some enterprise and university scholarships are not as good as Chinese government scholarships.

For a scholarship in china, you need to have great academic records because there will be great competition for scholarship applications.

Important Points to Get Scholarship 

You don’t know your chance of getting the scholarship. No one can give guarantees about it; it depends upon your academic records and luck. However, you can increase your chances of getting a scholarship by applying to a less competitive institution.

Students of China can still get the scholarship of the Chinese government without the award letter. Some of the universities did not provide admission letters.

One more thing, this award letter to qualified students for a scholarship from the Chinese government cannot guarantee that you will get the scholarship. If the university you wish to apply to asks you to provide an admission letter, you need to get one.


  • The international student must not be a citizen of china
  • They must not be applied to other scholarships which the government offers
  • Graduate students, not more than 25-year-old
  • The age limit is 35 for a master’s degree
  • For Ph.D. 40 years old is the age limit
  • Certificates of higher secondary school
  • Must have bachelor’s degree to do master’s degree
  • Must have a master’s degree for a doctoral degree

How to Apply? 

Following are some things that will help you to apply for the government scholarship.

The application period starts from January to April every year; some universities and authorities have different deadlines; you should always check the deadlines of the chosen university every week.

The application for the scholarship must be completed online in Chinese or English. You can apply to three different universities with the same portal account. At the start, they ask you about the scholarship means what kind of scholarship you are looking for according to their funding.

Once you have completed all the application process online for the Chinese government scholarship, you must attach the required documents.

The results of the competitors will be announced publicly on the same page of the application in July, and from then, they will let you know that you achieve that scholarship or not. If yes, they need additional documents to do further procession like study visas, etc.

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