Get Study Visa of Netherlands

Find Out How You Can Apply for The Study Visa of The Netherlands From Pakistan.

Over 112,000 international students study in the Netherlands today. The Netherlands offers study visas to international students every year. The quality of education provided in the Netherlands is amongst the best in the world today. The facilities, faculties, courses, and environment of the Netherlands’ educational institutions are excellent. It is easy and straightforward to apply for the study visa of the Netherlands if you have sufficient information.

In the article below, I will explain in detail how you can apply for the study visa of the Netherlands. I will also mention all the requirements which you need to have to apply for this study visa. Read the article carefully and apply now.

Basic Requirements

There are specific basic requirements which you need to fulfill to apply for the study visa of the Netherlands. I will highlight each of those requirements one by one.

  • Educational Requirements: To apply for a bachelor’s program in any educational institution of the Netherlands, you must have already completed a bachelor’s degree from Pakistan. If you want to apply for a master’s degree in the Netherlands, you must have already completed a master’s from Pakistan.
  • Financial Requirements: There are two ways to fulfill the financial requirements. You can either have a scholarship from the Netherlands government or apply on a self-finance basis. If you have the scholarship, your finances will be covered by the Netherlands government. However, if you apply on a self-finance base, you will have to show a personal bank statement. You need to have at least 870 Euros in your bank account per month. Annually, you should have over 10,000 euros in your bank account, which you will use for the living expenses.
  • Tuition Fees: if you are applying for a bachelor’s degree program, your tuition fee will be from 7000 euros to 18,000 euros annually, depending on the educational institution. The tuition fee for a master’s degree is from 9000 euros to 25,000 euros subjected to the respective institution.
  • Language Requirements: You need IELTS in the academic category with an overall 6 band. However, if you have a 5.5 band, you can still get the admission with a 6 months preparatory course. If your IELTS band is 5, you can get the admission in the Netherlands with a 1 year of preparatory course.

How to Apply?

Firstly, you need to apply for study in an educational institution in the Netherlands. Once you successfully get the admission, the process of study visa starts. Your respective university will get you your initial 3 months visa once you get the admission successfully. You will get the confirmation letter once your visa is approved. You will take that letter and visit the Netherlands embassy and apply for the visa.  You can get the visa within 90 days. This visa can be converted into the residence permit.

The process of study the visa of Netherlands is simple. You need to have the correct information and essential documents, and you can get the study permit of the Netherlands.

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