How to Find a Job in Australia From Pakistan

How to Find a Job in Australia From Pakistan

Australia is a developed country, and is a dream destination for many Pakistanis because of its high living standard or better quality of life, different health care facilities, education and better growth, etc. Pakistanis can apply for the job while staying in their own country, but the truth is that, now a days, it is very rare and difficult to find a job opportunity in Australia from Pakistan. It is because many companies prefer hiring from inside the country, and legally the companies have to justify your skills and have to prove that finding such skillset is not possible in their own country. In short, the legal requirements have become complex and difficult.

If you plan and submit your application in a professional way, there are chances that you can secure a job offer.

If you want to work in Australia, Permanent Residence (PR) is a better solution, PR means that you are an Australian Resident, and you have all rights to work in Australia. If you get PR you can apply for the jobs while staying in Pakistani. Just mention your PR number while applying, and the companies will feel comfortable in offering you a job if you fulfill their criteria. There is no legal work required to offering a job to such a person that have PR of Australia but liven in some other country.

Let’s get started to get a dream job in Australia

Step 1: Identify Your Occupation and Find Its Demand in Australia

If you have selected a specific region for your stay in Australia, you need to do some market analysis, and find a demand of your skillset. If the demand is high than its fine, else you have to find some other place in Australia where the demand of your skillset is high.

Step 2: Skill Test

Securing at least 7 bands in each module of IELTS exam is compulsory, as Australia is an English spoken country and you must have a good grip on the language. Secondly, if you possess some skills do certification of these skills.

Step 3: Submit (Expression of Interest) EOI

After IELTS certification and skill test certification you can start to upload your data on EOI and submit it online.

Step 4: Australia PR Visa

If your profile is component enough and had met all requirements of Australia, you will be selected and will get an invitation to apply for PR Visa. File the application for PR visa and do submit all necessary documentation. Stay UpToDate with the authorities who approve your PR case.

Step 5: Get Your Dream Job

Once you get PR number, it is very easy to secure a good job in Australia

 List of documents for applying for a job in Australia from Pakistan

  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • All educational certificates
  • IELTS Certificate
  • Australia PR visa card

Select your industry and stay focused on that key industry, you cannot do all the things, and can’t master all skills. Stay focused. And become a specialist of your skills. Now start searching for the jobs of your skillset

Australia Job Sites- You have to upload your profile in job Websites and start applying for those jobs that suits you.

LinkedIn Profile– Make a professional LinkedIn profile, and develop connections companies of Australia.

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