How to Find a Job in Saudi Arabia

Jobs in Saudi Arabia

People from all over the world who plan to move to Saudi Arabia may feel that finding the right job for themselves may seems a difficult task. Especially for Pakistanis getting the right dream job may seem impossible because, foreign nationals can’t go to Saudi Arabia on Tourist Visa and search for the job there, moreover if you submit an online job application, there are too low chances that you get a reply.

Saudi firms don’t go into any difficulties, the will select that path which is easiest and least résistance for them. So, the first important step is to move into the country or move as close as possible from the Saudi Arabia.


The first tip is to move as close as possible. Saudis are all about Handshakes. There are comfortable in meeting with people and talking face to face. They rank negatively if someone goes straightly towards business, rather the want to have a chit chat and a small talk before getting down into the business. They hire people or discuss business in a very warm environment. This environment is not available online.

When you step into Saudi Arabia on Visit Visa, you can get a good job in first couple of months. The first thing you do after landing into the Saudi Arabia is to get a local Saudi SIM card, find a local address that you can mention in job application and CV.

Another option is that if you can’t step into Saudi on Visit Visa then you can go to other GCC country like UAE or Qatar and find a job there, once you get a job you will easily develop good connections that will help you in getting a god job in Saudi Arabia.

Find a Friend of Your Friend

Find anyone who lives in Middle East or it would be better if s/he lives in GCCs country. Its all about social interaction. If you can find a reference in Saudi Arabia, you will get a job easily.  Saudi reference will help in introducing you to a Saudi employer or setting up for initial interviews, even if you are not in Saudi Arabia. Word of mouth reference laterally works in Saudi Arabia.

A Professional LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is heavily targeting kingdom firms, and there are huge chances to get employed through your LinkedIn account. When you update your details for Saudi Jobs you must update your address and location. Your address must reflect a Saudi Arabian address. LinkedIn will atomically notify you for the jobs that fits for you in Saudi Arabia. Most of Saudi Employers search CV’s that depicts local Saudi Address.

  • Sadia Arabia has developed few rules called “NITAQAT”, These rules states the ratio to Saudi vs Foreigners in Saudi Firms. So, your Iqama or work permit should be under Company’s Sponsorship.
  • If you want to have peace of mind in Saudi Arabia. You should keep this ensure that you sponsor is directly your employer.
  • If you work properly and stay respectful and motivated in your work place you will find this place awesomely perfect for living.

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