How to Get a Canadian Student Visa? 

Many people desire to study in Canada mainly due to its advancement in the techniques of study. Canada is one of the best countries in the world to provide you with an internationally recognized education from top academics and educators. Like any other student, if you are desirous of studying in Canada, this guide will help you reach your goal.

In this guide, we have come with some important things that will help you get a confirmed Canadian student visa, including the process of applying for it.

Canadian Study Permit

The most important thing you have to make sure of is to get a Canadian study permit. This study permit will serve as a Canadian student visa for the time you stay in Canada. A Canadian study permit is something that will do as your license to study in Canada officially.

Besides, there is one thing that you have to make sure of, and that is that if your study program is less than six months, you don’t need a Canadian study permit. Nevertheless, it would be a great idea if you apply for the license before moving to Canada for less than six months of studies because if you ever plan to continue your studies in another program, you will have o come back to your country to get the study permit.

How to Apply for Canadian Study Permit?

Applying for the study permit is no big deal: you can apply for it through a paper application or online. If you want to apply through a paper application, you can get it from the CIC website (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). However, before going for the paper application, there is one thing you have to keep in mind, and that is making sure you keep a check on the processing time in advance as it takes twice long as compared to the online applications.

Note: The documentation process in each country is different, and the visa office in your particular area will direct you through the instructions. Also, you can get help from the nearest visa application center.

How you get the Visa?

Following is the procedure through which you can get your Canadian student visa:

  1. Get a standardized letter of acceptance from a recognized and authorized higher education provider.
  2. Get a Canadian student visa application package, either by contacting your local visa office or from the CIC website. You can also get this through any Canadian embassy near your area.

Note: you can only get your application package when you answer a few questions on the CIC website about yourself. If you’re found eligible, you will get the personal checklist code.

  1. Create a MyCIC account where you can receive your doc. checklist.
  2. Get ready your documents and application form, pay your fee, and submit your completed application to CIC.

Some other requirements:

  1. Applicants from the Middle East, Africa, or Europe may also need to submit their biometrics.
  2. Some applicants might also need to take medical exams.
  3. If you not from Miquelon, St. Pierre, and the US, you might also need to showcase your valid passport.
  4. You might also need to present the proof of funds that you have to support yourself in Canada.

We wish you luck with your Canadian Student Visa!

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