How to Get a Canadian Tourists Visa?

Canada is beautiful to visit as it offers many places for tourists to visit and make their trip to Canada even more memorable and fun. If you want to visit Canada, there is only one essential thing and can take you there: a Canadian tourists’ Visa.

If you have this, you have the permit to live in Canada for some time and visit all of its places, enjoy its meals and residence. However, if you don’t have it, you cannot even take a flight to Canada for visiting purposes. So, having a Canadian student Visa is extremely important, and you can get it by following a simple application method.

So, what to do? Here is complete detail:

How to Apply for a Canadian Tourists Visa?

Applying for Canada’s visiting Visa is not at all difficult; there are some extremely simple things that you have to keep in mind to get a confirmed visa in your hands. This Visa will help you fly to Canada and enjoy everything it offers to its residents: exciting places, tasty meals, and luxury living.

Some Basic Requirements

When you are desirous of getting a Canadian tourist visa, there are some important requirements that you need to fulfill; otherwise, you might not be able to fly to Canada. Fulfilling these requirements include that you must have:

  • A valid passport
  • No immigration or criminal-relation convictions
  • Proofs for the job, financial assets, family, or home, whatever as they will prove that you will be returning to your country.
  • Enough money for your stay
  • Good health
  • Proofs that you will leave Canada after your visit is over.

For How Long the Canadian Visitors’ Visa is Valid?

Most of the Visas allow the visitor to stay within Canada for six months, and the first day starts when they enter the State. However, some visas allow the visitor less than six months to stay in Canada. If the allowed stay by the officer is less than six months, it will be mentioned on your passport, and if you want to extend your duration of stay, you can. For this purpose, you will have to apply for the extension at least 30 days before your actual stay duration gets over.

Who Can Apply for Tourists’ Visa?

As the tourist visa allows the person to stay in Canada for some time and enjoy the beauty and tradition of the new State, it means the stay of only some time: a few months. So the following people can and mostly apply for the tourists’ Visa:

  1. People who want to visit Canada on vacation
  2. People who are desirous of visiting their family
  3. People who want to conduct a business overseas

So, keeping all these things mentioned above in view, you can easily apply for a tourist visa, and you will be able to enjoy many things there. However, must keep in mind the basic requirements to get to the State and the rules that State announces for the visitors to get a convenient and hassle-free stay during all time.

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