How to Get a China Tourist Visa

Follow these Steps; Get the China Tourist Visa and Peace of your Mind

China is one of the greatest places in the world as s tourist destination. It has beautiful hotels and restaurants attracting the tourists towards it. It has fast-growing industries as well. It has the best infrastructure for all of the fields. It has attractions for tourists like a wall of China, The Summer Place, The Classical Gardens, and many of the Historic Cities of China. The most important reason for attracting tourists is that it is one of the most affordable countries for tourism. It provides security services to the tourists as well. All of these reasons make it a top destination place in the world.

There is a question that how cans you get a tourist visa for tourism in China. Here is the quickest and the fine guidelines for you about how to get a tourist visa in China. The tourist visa of China is called an L visa for sightseeing in China.

Steps for Getting the Tourist Visa in China

The following are the important steps for getting a tourist visa in China.

  1. Hire an Embassy

This is important to hire an embassy from China or from your own country who is working for China.

  • Documents and the Requirements

This is the second step for getting the tourist visa in China is to fulfill the following important documents and the other requirements.

  • Passport with at least 6 months validity
  • Application form completed accurately
  • Recent digital photographs of you
  • Tickets
  • Hotel reserved proof in China
  • Certification letter from China‚Äôs Embassy
  • Submit the Application for Tourist Visa

Submit the visa application form by filling it accurately. Submit your application using an embassy. Online applications or the applications sent by mail will not be accepted. So, be careful while submitting the application form.

  • Wait for the Processing of your Application

After the submission of the application, wait for the processing of your application. It will take four days for this purpose. However, if you need soon then you have to pay an additional fee other than a normal fee for a visa.

  • Pay the Fee

After submission of the application, the next step is to pay the application fee. The fee changes from person to person and also varies from country to country.

  • Receive your Visa

After the payments, the next and the last step is to receive your tourist visa for China. After receiving the visa you may need an embassy or the consultant. You may need an appointment as well accordingly.


These are the steps for getting the China tourist visa. China is a place of great interest and attraction. If you are getting bore from your daily life then you must visit such a great place. You will surely get rid of your boring routines. Follow these guidelines and get the China tourist visa, you will get the peace of mind as well.

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