How to Get A Job in Dubai

A Complete Guide for Anyone Who Wants to Get A Job in Dubai With Natural Methods

It can be a challenging prospect to find a job in Dubai, especially if you are unfamiliar with the customs or legal differences. Some job-hunting strategies that may be considered obsolete or time-consuming in your home country are still a viable way to find a job in Dubai. You will improve your chances of finding work in Dubai by walking into your job hunt armed with visa requirements and understanding the business culture.

Method-1: Getting A Sponsor

The visa you need to enter Dubai will depend on your nationality, the duration of your stay, and your visitor’s intention. If your country of citizenship is not included in the 39-country list of countries eligible for entry, then you will need a sponsor, even if you are traveling for pleasure only.

A sponsor is defined as a person, corporation, or organization that takes responsibility for you and any misbehavior or violation of regulation committed on your part. Therefore, the sponsor must hold residential status and have a minimum income of AED 10,000/month.

2.      Research the Environment of Your Industry

There may be cultural differences from your own country depending on your occupation and knowing these will make it easier to find a sponsor and a job in Dubai. It can cost you potential sponsors and careers if you fail to respect the customs and social expectations.

3.      Make Contacts

In general, networking is an important business skill, but in a country with strict visa sponsorship requirements, the connections you make can decide whether or not you will have access to Dubai. In return for remuneration, it is common for an individual or business with relevant experience in your field to serve as an initial sponsor.

4.      Look into A Hotel Sponsorship

Once you commit to a job there, it will help you a lot to do your recognition in Dubai. A hotel sponsorship and tourist visa (valid for 30 days) will give you time to assess the suitability of climate, culture, and professional opportunities for your professional goals.

   Method-2: Using A Recruitment Agency

1.      Analyze the Recruiting Agencies in Your Region

In some cases, most Dubai recruitment agencies in the conventional West (such as the United Kingdom and the United States) are based on management positions. Recruitment agencies in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Korea, and the Philippines generally focus on filling manual jobs.

2.      Identify Your Preferred Area of Industry

This will determine the approach to the type of recruitment agency. Agencies have different specialty fields, but not all job types have a suitable recruitment agency that can match you to the position you need.

3.      Be Aware of The Culture of Recruitment

Recruitment agency charges are always paid by the employer without cost to the staff. Typically, such fees are a percentage of the annual salary of the job you are applying for, varying from 10 to 20 percent for most positions.

4.      Maintain A Good Relationship with Your Agent

Your recruiting representative can do more for you than help you get in touch with future employers. When you accept a position in Dubai, your agent will be able to help your spouse find work with the necessary paperwork or contact someone who can help.

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