Get a Job in Qatar?

Job in Qatar

There are numerous authentic ways to get a job in Qatar From Pakistani

The Easiest Way is to Find a Reference

If you have any of your friend or family member in Qatar or any of your friend who has a friend in Qatar, you can ask them for searching and providing you a job opportunity. This way only benefits those who have reference of employees working in office or doing white color jobs. Reference of labor worker are not considered to be useful. In Qatar, if you have a reference of white color employee you have a chance to get hired because, companies usually ask from the employees in their office for a suitable candidate. Keep it in mind that companies don’t hire directly if someone recommends a candidate. Qatari companies will hire them after interview or through their analytic criteria.

Search for the Job on Job Portal

Upload your profile with updated professional CV in famous job portals, your attractive CV should mention your desired job and work experience. Many individuals got hired by applying through job portals, and normally it is experienced that companies pay the visa charges and travelling expense.

Apply for different jobs, and if company’s finds you appropriate for their job description you will be contacted by the company. There are various scams and fake jobs so stay alert and check the companies the authenticity online.

You can also contact agencies to find a job for you, these agencies will charge you for this task.

Visit Qatar

Plan a visit to Qatar.  people of Pakistan can travel to Qatar without Visa for 30 days; this visit can be extended to 30 more extra days. You have to bear travelling expense, and stay in Qatar, Then visit companies in Qatar, drop your CV, and if you posses some good skills or you are lucky you might be asked to give an interview, and they might hire you on the spot.

Interview in Companies of Qatar

In interview companies try to learn about you and your skills and in Qatar it is very common that they call you for series of interviews. It is recommended to search for the company online, and take some time to learn regarding the company, its mission, vision and culture.

Some Tips for Qatar Interviews

  • Wear formal neat and clean dress that is inclined with your personality. 
  • Be Punctual
  • Take your educational documents, CV, your personal business card, and other experience certificates at the time of your interview.
  • You can ask questions in interview and present your knowledge in a nice positive and respectful way. Don’t be rude.
  • Thank the interviewer for their time.

Qatar CV Format

European or UK style CV format is widely accepted in Qatar, this style starts off with contact information, followed by experience, education certificates, languages, skills and interests.

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