How To Get a Turkish Visa


Millions of people like to visit random beautiful places. The governments arrange entering rules and visa permits. It all depends on your traveling purpose.

The reasons behind a trip can be different for a different person. The state introduces visitor visas, tourist visas, visas for study, visas for medical treatment, work visas or visas for jobs, and business visas.

Here, I will guide you about visa requirements to apply for a Turkish Visa.

Turkish Visa Policy

Third-country citizens who intend to travel to Turkey for a variety of reasons must obtain a visa. As part of bilateral visa arrangements, a list of countries is here from visa requirements.

As a result, certain foreign citizens can use an online electronic visa (e-visa) application system to expedite the process.

It is essential to check online if you are eligible to apply for an e-visa to visit Turkey. Citizens of nations whose ID cards allow them to go to Turkey are also mentioned online.

Most European countries are eligible to visit Turkey. Some other countries can also enter the Turkish boundary with their expired passports.

  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • France
  • Luxemburg
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Switzerland

 Turkish Visa Types

For short-term or long-term visits to Turkey, different visa classes apply. Depending on the length of stay, single, double, or multiple-entry visas are issued.

Unless otherwise noted, visa holders are not permitted to stay in the nation for more than 90 days in a 180-day term. Citizens of qualified countries can get a visa on arrival.

E-visas are only available for tourism or business purposes. Electronic visa applications are processed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website.

As of 2016, all other visa applications must be submitted using the Turkish Sticker Visa Pre-Application System.

Why is Turkey So Special?

Turkey is a famous country in entire Asia. There are many of the most popular and beautiful cities, and Istanbul is one of them.

Istanbul exists on two main continents Asia and Europe. It is the main reason behind its importance.

Visa Requirements To Get Turkish Visa Permit

  • Your ID card’s photocopy
  • A valid copy of your passport provided by your homeland government
  • Application form filled with all the necessary details regarding you
  • Prove that you are not a threat to the state, and you will return to your country after your visa expiry.
  • Show that you are economically strong and stable.
  • Show that you can understand and speak English and Turkish language
  • Provide your schooling details in case of study visa
  • Provide your working history details with all the related information
  • Prove that you are healthy and you can support yourself while residing in the country
  • Provide your employer’s details if someone invites you
  • Your hotel reservation details or your residential information
  • Flight booking details

Final Words

I hope you understand the information regarding Turkish visa access. A permit is a permission letter that a visitor has to receive to enter the state.

When you apply for a visa. Arrange all the necessary documents and enjoy your journey.

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