How to Get American Tourist Visa

If you are Boring by your Routine Work, Get American Tourist Visa for Relaxation

America Tourist Visa or Visiting Visa is also called a B-2 Visa. It is a type of non-immigrant visa which is issued for those people who want to come to America for pleasure for a short time to enjoy some days of life. Anyone who wants to come to America for tourism/ visiting with his/ her family and the purpose of medical treatment is eligible to apply for this visa program. This visa is issued for 90 days.

Before applying to a Tourism Visa in America you must be aware of some important facts that are:

  • B-2 Visa is only used for visiting or medical treatment
  • You must be approved for a tourist visa on your passport once you have been approved

Steps for Getting American Tourist Visa

The following are the important steps everyone must follow want to apply for a visiting visa.

  1. Get a Valid Passport

Before filling the application form you must have a valid passport so that you can fill the application form without any obstacle in the process.

  • Digital Photograph of You

You must have a digital photograph taken by Digital Camera in JPEG format for applying for the tourist visa in America.

  • DS-160 Form Filling Process

The next step is to fill the form by providing all of the information required. Take in your mind that all the information you are providing is 100% accurate. Make sure that you have a valid internet connection while you are filling the form because the procedure requires only 20 minutes. If you once loss the page you must reopen the form and fill again.

  • Tourist Visa Fee

The next step is to pay a fee either electronically by National Electric Fund Transfer (NEFT) or through any bank form your country. 

  • Moving in America

Once you have paid the fee and get the visa for America with a valid passport you may now move to America without any obstacle.

  • Interview Process

The interview process is planned by the person who is applying for the visa. There are 2 interview appointments. 1st when you will reach in America for your configuration and 2nd when you will be appointed by an American Consultant for providing you information about your visa. For this purpose, you may call free at +912267209400 for any type of help. One may do appointment for interview according to his/ her timing and wills. 

  1. Tourist Visa Fingerprinting Process

It will be conducted during the 1st live interview. This process is for the configuration of your biometric data. It will be conducted when you will in America. No additional fee is used for this purpose.

  1. Visiting Visa Live Interview

The interview is conducted by an American Consultant to judge your personality and to provide you the information about your visa.


There is a guideline for those who want to visit America for temporary pleasure and enjoyment. If you are getting bored by your routine work then you are recommended for Tourist Visa in America to get rid of bore routine.

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