How to Get Dubai Tourist Visa

A Complete Step by Step Guide for Anyone Who Wants to Visit Dubai

A tourist visa is a non-immigrant visa permit for people who want to temporarily visit a nation for a holiday, business, or a combination of both. Tourist visa authorization requirements vary from country to country and also depend on the country from or through which you are expected to travel. A tourist visa in Dubai is an exclusive and different class of visa, and we will explain how you can get one successfully in this article.

Dubai Tourist VISA

People from over 180 countries can receive this Dubai Tourist visa. It typically allows movement from arrival in Dubai for 30 days, which can be extended by another 60 days. The preconditions for a tourist visa, however, depend on different factors. A visa can be acquired through a company, airline, hotel, sponsor, or a relative who will assist you with screening.

Contact Airline, Hotel, Or Travel Agent

You may apply for a tourist visa for Dubai on your behalf through airlines, hotels, travel agents, travel agencies, and tour companies. To receive a Dubai tourist visa, you can contact them for visa assistance. They make processing fees to some extent, smoother.

Ask A Close Relative to Sponsor You

Your family member, friend, or someone who is a resident of the UAE or Dubai can also apply on your behalf. But your relative or sponsor will be subject to certain guidelines for the application like depositing some money or submitting the salary bracket for qualifying as a valid sponsor, and other documents.

Documents You’ll Need for Dubai Tourist VISA

Below are the required documents to be submitted with the application by all nationalities.

  • Typed application form
  • Colored copy of passport bio
  • Colored print of the passport last page
  • Clear colored photographs
  • Residence proof of the country of residence
  • Relationship proof, if a relative is applying on your behalf
  • Additional documents, if you are from a high-risk country
  • Clear colored passport copies of the sponsor
  • Colored print of residence permit of the sponsor
  • Copy traveler’s ticket
  • Copy of travel insurance


Dubai Visa Processing Center is a Dubai government visa facility that operates internationally in more than 180 countries with branches in 14 states. If your residence city has one, you can either visit the office to submit the application form or use its online service through its official website. Usually, the processing time takes between three to four working days anywhere.

Upon acceptance of the visa, the applicant party receives a copy of the tourist visa via email or a text message. For visa status details, please visit

Dubai/UAE Tourist Visa Fees

The tourist visa fee starts from AED 330, but it depends upon the visa processing method. You can search their website for the e-form and e-DNRD charges. The visa will cost more if a second party applies on your behalf. Also, keep in mind that you collect an e-receipt in print for getting back the refundable deposit by your sponsor.

If your visa is approved, then you can use this visa for up to six months from the visa issuance date.

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