How to Get Germany Tourist Visa

Get Germany Tourist Visa and Enjoy Few Days of Your Life Disappearing from Your Hectic Life & Your Problems

Germany is a country which has popular attractions for the tourist; this is the reason that the people of foreigners visiting Germany for leisure is increasing day by day. Germany is offering affordable flights for the foreigners who have a wish to visit Germany to get rid of their bore routine. 

Reasons for Tourists Visa in Germany

Germany has beautiful places and many other reasons for increasing the tourists towards it. Some of the essential and fundamental reasons are given below:

Magnificent places like Bavaria which has royal places, Traditional culture, Natural attractions like black forests and Baltic Coastal

  • The cost of things is low there. If you will find by a water bottle, to have to pay only 30 cents and only 10 Euro for a good dinner
  • Excellent safety environment
  • Germany is an ideal starting point for visiting Europe
  • It has a combination of old world and new world as well
  • It offers affordable and safety travel

Visa Application Processes

If you have a wish to visit Germany, then you need a Germany tourist visa. And it is difficult for you to get a Germany tourist visa, especially when you are a foreigner and going there for the first time. So, we have tried to solve this problem by providing you some of the current guidelines given below.

i. Search for the Place

The first step is to search for a place where you want to go and your residence place as well. 

ii. Visa Application Process

This is one of the important steps. Fill the tourist visa application form. Keep in mind that all the information you are providing is 100% accurate to avoid any ambiguity. 

iii. Check out Documents and Requirements

After filling the form, the next step is to check the documents and requirements for getting a visa without any trouble. Following is the list of the documents and requirements you need:

  • Visa Application Form
  • Two Recent Passport Size Photographs of The Applicant
  • Accommodation Proof for All of The Documents
  • An Original Signed Letter of The Applicant
  • Flight Booking Copy
  • Family Registration Certificate (If You Are Going with Family)
  • Appointment E-Mail Confirmation
  • No Objection Certificate

iv. Make an Appointment 

Make an appointment with a German embassy or consultant who can guide you properly for all of the formalities for the visa and your residential place there according to your tourist visa application form.

v. Fee Payment Process

You have to pay 60 Euro for a visa application form if you are more than 12 years old, 35 Euro for 6-12 years old, and 0-6 years old will get a free visa. It will take 15 days for the processing of your documents by the German government authorities. However, it can be extended to 30 days depending upon the conditions.

vi. Interview 

This is the last step, which is proof of your official approval in Germany as a tourist. So, be ready and prepared for the interview before appearing in the interview.


These Are the Guidelines for You If You Are in Search of The Beautiful Country of Germany For Enjoyment. Follow These Guidelines to Get the Germany Tourist Visa and Make Your Life Happy for Some Days.

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