How to Get New Zealand Visa from Pakistan

Pakistanis can apply online for New Zealand Visa and get electronic visa. Now citizens of Pakistan don’t need to visit New Zealand embassy for visa application process, they can use iVisa services, the process is simple and you can easily complete it successfully. 

New Zealand Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens

Following documents are required for New Zealand visa. You will need these documents at the time of applying for visa, and when you travel for New Zealand.

Valid Passport – Validity should be at least three months when you land in New Zealand.

Photograph – You have to provide a recent digital photograph. It should be recent and according to the guidelines e.g. white background

Payment – While procession you application iVisa ask you to send the payment. You can pay through Alipay, PayPal, WeChat, Credit Card or Debit Card.

E-mail address – iVisa will sent you the visa in soft form via e-mail.

Financial Evidence – This evidence is required to explain how you will afford yourself during the trip. Your Bank account statement is sufficient; this will be required after you arrive in New Zealand.

Return Flight Ticket – When you land in New Zealand they might ask you to show a return ticket. If you do not have the return ticket, Don’t worry, just provide the proof that you can afford this ticket.

Good Character Certificate – You have to disclose any criminal history if you have.

The Application Form

It requires just 20 minutes completing entire iVisa application form, it is very simple but if you still find any issue you can call iVisa’s support service any time, it does not cost you a cent.

This form has three simple steps.

Step 1: Personal Details and Processing Time – Provide your personal details, an important thing in this step is that you will be selecting visa processing time, if you want visa urgently you can opt for fast processing time by paying additional charges.

Step 2:  Payment and Rechecking – In this step you will need to analyze your entire details and see whether they are correctly spelled and are accurate.  And then you have to make payments.

Step 3: Uploading Documentation – You need to upload required documents.

After completing these steps you can submit your application, and New Zealand Visitor Visa will arrive via e-mail.

Getting Visa of New Zealand is easy and cheap for Pakistanis, and online process is very user-friendly, iVisa handles almost everything. Your visa will be valid for 18 months, and your stay lasts up to 9 month maximum in New Zealand.

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