How to Get Qatar Student Visa

Complete your Education in Prestigious Universities of Qatar

Overseas international students have to apply for Qatari residence permit to study in Qatar Universities, or the other option is that, they have to apply for Qatar student Visa form Qatar University. Qatar has increased its development pace, and focusing on latest knowledge, and technologies acquisition. Qatar welcomes dozens of new experts and international students on daily biases. 

If you want to Study in Qatar, you have to keep this in your back of the mind that you have selected to live and study in world’s richest country. The Country had successfully won the bid of hosting football world cup in 2022. Qatar is small but is a global player and has flourishing tourism industry,

Most of the Qatari universities are in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Doha is also known as Education City. Mostly the medium of communication in Universities is English. An average time to complete a course in Qatar Universities is 3 to 5 years.

Students who want to enroll in graduate program in Qatar have to get Qatar student visa. This visa is issued by sponsor or The Qatari University. 

Education in Qatar

Qatar helps national students to grow and evolve in different fields, As it understands that education is the main ingredient for successful societies.

Universities of Qatar is registering many International students because of the country’s partnership with many Universities of USA. Qatar offers huge variety of diversified programs, from science and technology to arts and designs.

The education system in Qatar in managed by Supreme Education Council (SEC). Qatar is focusing on optimizing its student capabilities, and enhance skills and knowledge f their students

Academic year in Qatar starts from September and ends in June,

Student Visa Requirements

  • You have to confirm your admission in any University of Qatar, make sure that university is recognized by Qatar educational authorities,
  • Pay all Visa fees and all relevant payment.
  • Medical Certificate from licensed practitioner that shows details regarding your health.
  • A cover letter from the university/sponsor that describes your status in the university and mentioning all course details.

English Proficiency & Mathematical Certificates.

For Undergraduate student’s English proficiency certificate is compulsory, IELTS 5.5 minimum score, and they have to proof that their Mathematics is above satisfactory level, so they have to get at least 570 marks in SAT or 24 in ACT


University provides accommodation to their students, and this is the most convent accommodation for international students. There are separate accommodations for males and separate for females. And normally each student has its own single room with shared bathroom, kitchen another living facilities.

Qatar Weather Conditions

Qatar is a hot country and have very low rainfall, the temperature remains hot throughout the year. In summers the temperature in usually above 40 degree Centigrade. Huge sandstorms occur between March and August.,

Qatari economy is very strong, and its major export in oil. This country is so much naturally gifted that it has huge reserves of natural gas as well, so, the job opportunity for engineering subjects is also high.

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