How to Get Study Visa for Germany

Get Top Class Degree by Getting Germany Study Visa

The number of students choosing Germany for the study is increasing year to year due to its excellent Study System. So, there is a need for Germany Study Visa if you want to go to Germany to study.

Before applying for a visa you should know about what type of visa you need according to your study program in Germany. Two visa types are depending upon the time for study.

  • Schengen Visa is for those students who study in Germany only for 3 months for a specific course.
  • National German Visa is for those students who study in Germany for more than 3 months.

Once you enter in Germany, you may get a permanent residency and job there after completing your education or even you can do the job while you are studying.

Types of Study Visa to Apply:

There are three types of visas you can apply for.

  • German Student Visa

This is for the international students who have been admitted to the university of Germany.

  • German Student Applicant Visa

This visa is for those candidates who are not admitted to Germany but they want to apply for admission in Germany by visiting some universities there.

  • German Language Visa

This visa is for those candidates only who want to learn the German language.

Required Documents

Before you are applying for the visa application firstly you must have the complete documents required for the visa application process. So, the following is the list of important documents you need.

Visa application form


2 passport size photographs of you

Marriage certificate if available

Child’s certificate if available

Previous German residence certificate if you have

Germany Study Visa Application Process

There may be confusing to many students who apply for the first time because of the visa application process from country to country. However, these are the common steps for the German Study Visa Application Process.

i. Search the Closest German Embassy

The first and foremost step is to search a closest embassy or consultant in Germany who can properly guide you for the visa application process, requirements and setting an appointment according to your study program. This can be helpful by using online websites.

ii. Check out All the Requirements and Documents

Once you have been approved by a university for the study the next step is to check all the documents and requirements so that you may get a visa without any obstacle.

iii. Visa Application Form

Fill the visa application form carefully. Make sure that all of the information you are providing is 1005 accurate.

iv. Visa Appointment

Make a visa appointment. The guidelines are available on the official website of Germany. You must set up the visa appointment according to your study and time.

v. Fee Payment

It is the most important and fundament step for getting a visa. The application fee for a study visa is 69 Euro in Germany.

vi. Interview

The last step is the interview process when you enter Germany. The interview is conducted so that you may provide with full guidelines. This is the step of your official approval in Germany for study so be ready for the interview after completing the above steps.


These are the cool guideline for those who want to study in Germany. If you are a student and want to study in Germany, you must follow these guidelines.

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