How to Get Study Visa of Oman

Get the Study Visa of Oman for Getting the Higher Educational Degree

 Oman is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and is ranking at the 43rd number by the GDP. There are dozens of study programs in Oman for all of the international students. Due to its excellent study programs, it is welcoming hundreds of students every year.

If you are interested in study in Oman, then you first need the study visa of Oman. So, this article will guide you to get the study visa of Oman without any obstacle.

 Steps for Getting the Study Visa in Oman

The following are the important steps for getting the study visa of Oman.

1. Find a Consultant/ Embassy

The first and foremost step for getting the study visa of Oman is to find a consultant or the sponsor for you who may take the full responsibility of your visa and your living place in Oman, especially if you are going there for the first time. The sponsor may be a company or an individual. Make sure to hire a sponsor.

2. Find an Intuition According to Your Study Program

Find out an individual according to your study program. This is the second important step. The list of the well-recognized universities is available on the official website of Oman. Choose the intuition according to your study programs.

3. Documents to Be Required

The next step is to fulfill the documents required for the process of the study visa. The list of the required documents is given following.

  • A Valid Passport
  • Multiple Entry Visas
  • A Digital Passport-Sized Photograph of You
  • Copy of Your Passport
  • Invitation Letter of The University
  • Proof of Your Approval in Oman
  • Completed Visa Application Form

4. Application Process

The application form is available on the website of Oman. Complete the application form accurately. The application form may include a list of the questionnaire.

Submit the Application Form and the Documents

Submit the application form and all of the required documents mentioned above in the list. Make sure that all of the information provided is correct and accurate to avoid any difficulty.

5. Visa Fee Process

The next step is to pay the fee according to the application form you provided. You may consult with your sponsor for this purpose.

6. Wait for Processing

Your visa will be processed in 3 days of your submission of the application form. If you need a visa in an emergency, then an additional fee is required accordingly.

7. Receive Your Visa

Receive your visa after your official approval in Oman. Receive your visa and go to Oman for a higher education study.

8. Make an Appointment

After your arrival in Oman, make an appointment with Oman’s authority so that you may fully be guided with the rules of Oman.


This Article Is About How to Get A Study Visa in Oman Without Facing Any Obstacle Easily. Follow These Guidelines and Get A Higher Education Degree in Oman.

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