How to Get Sweden Tourist Visa


Follow These Guidelines and Get the Sweden Tourist Visa Without Facing Any Obstacle

Sweden is one of the most beautiful, fascinating and attractive countries to visit in Europe. The beautiful cities of Sweden include Stockholm, Gothenburg, which has immense architecture. It is exploring its beautiful nature, as well. This is the reason that the number of tourists is increasing day by day in Sweden. 

The tourist visa, also called Schengen visa, is valid for six months only in Sweden. This visa is for those who come to visit in Sweden for tourism, visiting friends, relatives, or medical treatment. This is good for your health if you are going to visit Sweden to get rid of the routine work. So, this article will provide you the guidelines for the Sweden Tourist Visa.

Important Steps for the Sweden Tourist Visa Process

The process for the Sweden Tourist Visa differs from country to country. However, the following are the common guidelines for you for the tourist visa application process that is necessary for you to learn, especially if you are going there for the first time.

1. Fill the Visa Application Form

The first and foremost process is to fill the tourist visa application form. The tourist visa application form is available easily on the website of Sweden. Keep in mind that the information is 100% accurate. You can also fill the visa electronically and then get the hard print of it.

2. Documents Required for The Sweden Tourist Visa

The following are the important documents required for the visa application process.

  • Passport
  • Two digital passport size photographs of you
  • Your copy of the previous visa (If available)
  • A copy of return ticket reservation
  • Travel Health Insurance Confirmation
  • A cover letter which clearly states the purpose of your visit to Sweden
  • Flight ticket reservation
  • Hotel book reservation
  • Proof of financial support
  • Visa Application Fee

After checking all of the documents, the next step is to check the visa application fee and payment of the fee. The fee should be ready while you are applying for the visa application form. The fee for the tourist visa is 60 Euro for the persons more than 13 years of age, 35 Euro for the 6 to 12 years age, and is free for less than six years of age.

3. Choose an Embassy/ Consultant

Find out and choose an embassy after payment of the fee who can guide you about the purpose of your visa and the visa application process. The consultant will also guide for your arrival in Sweden.

4. Interview

This is the final step. Here you will be asked for the interview at your arrival in Sweden so that you may be guided properly for a visit to Sweden.

This Is the Key to Guidelines for Getting the Sweden Tourist Visa for Leisure and Enjoyment with Your Family and Your Friends. You Are Recommended for Sweden So That You May Get Relaxation from The Daily Routine Work.

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