How to get Switzerland Tourist Visa from Pakistan

Switzerland: The most colorful and beautiful country. Do visit it once in your life!! This article explains overall process for getting Switzerland visa.

Switzerland is among Schengen countries. It is popular for its beauty and attracts tourist from all corners of the world. its alpine landscapes and climate attract tourists. Switzerland is also famous for mountaineering and skiing.

Thousands of Pakistani citizen visit Switzerland for leisure, tourism, meeting family and friends.  Getting Schengen Short-term Visa is an easy and better way to visit Switzerland, if the stay is less than three months in any six-month period. 26 different countries accept this visa, and anyone possessing this visa can travel in any of the Schengen state countries.

For those who need information regarding Switzerland Visit Visa or a Business Visa, they are on the right site. Here are few simple steps to get Switzerland visa

Step # 1 – Define your purpose of visit. You should clearly state your purpose of visit before applying for Switzerland visa.

Step # 2 – Fill the visa form completely and affix your recent photograph.

Step # 3 – Get the checklist of required documents and complete all documentation requirement for your relevant purpose of visit.

Step # 4 – Select the place from where you want to process your visa. You can directly go to Islamabad and visit Embassy of Switzerland along with your appointment booklet. Or you can apply without any appointment for Schengen visa at one of the visa application centers.

Appointment Scheduling – Applicants who plan to get visa for more than three months have to submit visa applications at Embassy of Switzerland, Islamabad. Those who want to appeal against visa decision have to revisit embassy for re-application.

Step # 5 – Visa application centers are in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. One can submit Switzerland visa application in these centers or submit it directly at Switzerland Embassy in Islamabad at the time of your appointment.

Step # 6 – Once you submit the application you can track the process online. For this application reference number is required, so, keep it save. This number mentioned on your receipt.

Step # 7 – Get you passport back from Visa Application Centre after you get a notification regarding visa decision.

Required Documentation for Switzerland Tourist Visa From Pakistan

  • Switzerland Visa Application Form
  • Two recent photographs
  • Valid original Passport (Validity should be for least three months form the date of departure)
  • CNIC Photo copy
  • Computerized driving license photo copy (if available)
  • Employment History (Employed person only)
  • Business Detail for Self Employed people (i) Personal bank account statement (ii) Business bank account statement (iii) Bank reference letters (iv) Photo copy of NTN number (v) Membership certificate form Chamber of commerce & industry.

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