Latest Canadian Immigration: Steps and Process for Pakistani Migrants

Canadian Immigration Authority has developed a plan to attract around 1 million immigrants. Around 3,30,000 immigrates will get Canadian immigration in this year, 2022 has started on a very positive note for prospective Canadian immigrants. As 3,900 applicants have been invited in each of the first two draws of Express Entry. Moreover, to secure the invitation of canadine immigration the score has come down by 6 points. Number of invitations in each draw will remain high in 2022, So the CRS score will be comparatively lower throughout the current year.

This is an appropriate time to file your Canadian immigration application. Canadian Government had made some changes in express entry system. This article is on upgradation of changes in express entry system.

If you know the detailed process you will find is easy to enter Canada and get permanent residency. Express entry is a fast track immigration process of Canada, this process invites skilled professionals to come to Canada and get permanent residence. This system is working since 2015 and has replaced old paper-based system that works on first come first serve basis. Express entry is a merit based electronic system and its processing time is 6 months. This is a point-based system and the points are known as CRS. The CRS score is based on multiple factors. Candidates having high score are issued invitation for applying permanent residency.  The process involves Canadian Federal Government, Canadian Provincial Government and Canadian Employer.

Express Entry Application Process

There ate three major phases of express entry process.

  1. Pre-Application:

There are Three main steps in this phase.

Language Test: IELTS is the recommended test, weightage of IELTS score in CRS is very high. In order to qualify, the required IELTS score is low, but you should try to get as much score as you can. You should try to get 8 in Listening and 7 each in Reading, Writing and Speaking, this will increase your chances of getting high CRS.

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA): Get ECA report if your educational certificates are not from Canada. ECA Repots confirms that your educational certificates/degrees meet Canadian educational standard

Eligibility: Check your eligibility by logging into You must score 67 points to meet eligibility criteria. The system will ask different questions to check your eligibility. Fill the form and if you are eligible, system will give you a reference number. Save this reference number as you will be needing it at the time of application submission. The eligibility is determined on the basis of six different factors. i.e. (i) Age (ii) Educational Degree (iii) Language (iv) Work Experience (v) Canadian Job Offer (vi) Adaptability

  • Application Submitting:

Go to and sign in or create a new account to apply for Canadian immigration and citizenship. Read the application form carefully and follow the instructions. Fill this form completely. This form will ask question to get information regarding your (i) Passport Details (ii) ECA report (iii) Work experience (iv)Language Score (v) National occupational Classification Job title and code.

At this point you are not required to upload any document. But make sure all the information you are providing s true and correct. Documents submission will be done when you will receive invitation to apply. After profile submission, you will be given a score on the basis of Comprehensive Ranking System CRS. If you qualify you will be invited to apply. So, again sign in to your account and upload the documents, apply for the immigration or permanent residence. Your profile will be active and considered for immigration for one year. But if you do not get invitation within one year you have to resubmit your profile again.

  • After getting invitation to apply you have to submit your profile within two months
    • Procession time is 6 months maximum
    • You have to provide biometrics information with your application
    • Fill all the required fields of online application form
    • You have to submit translated documents if any of your document is not in English language or French language.
  • Post Submission Phase:

Do you know what happens after your application submission? What are the different checks performed in your application, in order to check the reliability of the information provided in the documentation? If you understand post application procedure you will be in a better frame of mind while filing your application.

The first step that Canadian immigration department will verify is to check whether you have paid the processing fee or not, and then the department will check that your application form in complete and correct. The department will also check whether you meet all the requirements and submitted all supporting documents. This post application submission phase is normally completed within six months. So, if you have submitted the application correctly and completely and your supported documents are correct that you will get Passport Pequest (PPR) within six months.

In this phase Canadian immigration authorities will contact you through your online account, so keep checking your account regularly. Basic updates that you will be getting in your account are

  • Application submission confirmation receipt
  • Biometric request
  • Updates regarding your application
  • Any additional document if required
  • May ask to fulfill any requirement
  • Interview notice

The first update that you will see in your account is passing your medical examination after one month. It means that your eligibility check is completed, and the department is verifying background information i.e.  Authenticity of all submitted documents

  • Work experience
  • Degrees, and certificates
  • ECA certificate

After background checks are completed and approved your online status will be changed to approved and your passport request (PPR) letter will be sent to you.  This letter contains details regarding submission.

If you have provided any false information and you get caught, the Canadian immigration department will straight away reject your application and you may be barred to re-apply for next five years.

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