Pakistanis!! Why Australian Immigration??

Australia is full of natural resources and have vast number of opportunities for newcomers. Many immigrants are settled successfully in Australia and are earning sound amount of money that helps them to maintain a healthy living standard.

Australian Immigration Benefits

Australian Government provides opportunity to overseers skilled workers and to migrate to Australia, and they have fully functional department for that purpose. Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is the department that facilitates overseas immigrants who intend to work in Australia. Australian Government had different visa categories to welcome overseas skilled professionals. The department defines basic eligibility requirement criteria for each category.

For improving your living standard Immigration of Australia is a nice good option, as it provides numerous employment opportunities as well as educational opportunities.

Mostly Pakistan is migrated to Australia in 1970s, and an interesting thing is that the immigration process form Pakistan to Australia has started since early 1950s. Since then the ratio f immigration to Australia has increased dramatically

Australian Immigration Points Calculation

Your Application is analyzed on the basis of Australian Immigration Points Calculation, and you can use it easily, this point calculator is available online, and you need to score at least 60 points for immigration to Australia. This point calculator allocates points on the basis of your English language ability, your age, skill set, experience and on other personal details.

Australia visa application process compromises of 5 steps

Step 1: Selection of Visa Sub-Class

Define your visa subclass, which category most suits you for Australian immigration. Once you have selected the sub class you can download the relevant visa application form.

Step 2: Organize the Required Documentation

Each category has different set of requirements, identify the documentation requirement of your selected visa subclass category. Checklist of documents for supporting you Australian Visa application is provided in each category. All the documents should be submitted at the time of application submission to avoid unnecessary delay

Step 3: Payment

Submit your visa fee in the form of bank draft, you have to extra pay the service charges at AVAC.

Step 4: Schedule your appointment

Scheduling an appointment is mandatory, so schedule it with AVAC and submit your application. You have to submit your biometrics information at the time of appointment. Biometrics is submission of your fingerprint impressions and your digital photograph.

Step 5: Decision

Wait for the decision, Stay UpToDate regarding your visa process

Top Two Tip for moving to Australia

  • Make a file of your all-important documentations, that contains your birth and marriage certificates, driver’s license and all personal documents
  • If you plan to have a rented residence, you should have a budget for 8 weeks rent because most of rental properties ask for 4 weeks advance deposit

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