Right Way to Secure A Job in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Analyze you Current /Status Before applying for a Job in Dubai

Tourism and Businesses had made Dubai renowned throughout the world. There are huge number of skilled and un-skilled individuals that look Dubai as a potential job market. Dubai is a multilingual market and expats can adjust in this market quite easily.

It is competitively easy to go to Dubai and search for the job, People get some good offers if they step into Dubai and drop their CVs in different companies. People get few calls for interview, and if they get succeeded in convincing the interviewee, there are chances to get a direct job offer letter.


It has been overserved that to get a job in Dubai, LinkedIn references are more effective than other online job portals. Another good options for Pakistani’s is to stay in their own country and develop an awesome professional LinkedIn profile, develop connection with Dubai employers. In a country like Dubai you may require a good reference to secure a job.

Identify your skills and try to master one of your skill. In UAE there is a huge demand of individuals that have a good grip on IT, Automobile, Sales or ERP etc.

So, keep you profile updated, and fully equipped with your Skills. And stay active on LinkedIn. There is huge competition on LinkedIn as-well. Number of jobs are too low as compare to the applicants. So, stay active on LinkedIn and keep on applying for jobs that comes under your domain. Don’t be lazy or over choosy.

Find the right people in LinkedIn and approach them professionally. While sending a LinkedIn request it is highly recommended to write a personal note. Do mention your visa status, your skills and how you will be beneficial for the company in that note.

Dubai Work Visa

Getting a job offer is the main task, if you are hired in a company then it is very easy to get Dubai Work Visa.

Health and Labor Card

For Dubai Work Visa process, you will be required to submit your medical examination report, job offer letter, passport copies photos etc.

Tips to Get Job in Dubai

First understand economic condition of Dubai and factors that paly huge part in Dubai’s economy.

Develop an awesome professional and competitive CV. If you are not aware UAE resume standards, you can hire professional resume writing services

Your cover letter and resume should be industry and job specific. Don’t send generic CV’s or cover letter.

Connect your professional LinkedIn profile and your resume. They should present the similar information.

Few Requirements for Dubai Work Visa

  • You should be between 18 to 60 years of age
  • You must be medically fit
  • You must have a valid passport

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