Saudi Arabia Student Visa for Pakistanis

Student visa and Saudi Arabia insurance is compulsory for interactions students in order to stay in Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is Sovereign Arab state, located is West of Asia and consists of Arabian Peninsula in bulk. This country is 15th largest country in Asia, and the 2nd largest in Arab. The country is absolute empire of Islamic rules.

Education in Saudi Arabia

Education is free for Saudi nationals at every level and there is no concept of co-education. Saudi Arabia is a literate country, literacy rate in males is 90.4% and it is 81.3% in females.

Usually the Arabic language is the main medium of instruction, but in private high schools and in universities English is the medium of instruction.  In medical field English language is widely used for teaching purpose.

Highly Ranked Universities in Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in whole Arab states leads in educational field. This country has QS World ranking of Universities over the years and has kept its dominance in educational field. Universities publish high quality research papers. Most of Universities in of KSA falls in top 400 QS ranked universities. King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals is rated five star and comes at 173rd Position in QS ranking, and King Saud University is rated five star and comes at 221st Position in QS ranking.

Education Expense in Saudi Arabia

Education is totally entirely free for national students and for international students, education is free as-well, but private institutes charge fee form international student. So, you have to check fee structure and tuition fee on higher education institution’s website.

Student Visa of Saudi Arabia

Selection of Saudi University

Selection of your educational institute or University is obviously the initial step. After selection apply for admission online on their website. When the institute selects you as their student, the institute will refer you for student visa.

Documentation Requirement for Student Visa of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

  • Clear recent passport size pictures with white background
  • Attested Copies of Degrees/Transcripts
  • Your Passport
  • 3 Copies of your Medical Examination Report
  • Application Form

Study in Saudi Arabia for Pakistani’s Students

It is never easy to leave your country and move outside of your country for completing your education. This requires huge adjustments and students have to adjust in foreign culture, environment and society. For many students, language barrier could be a major hurdle.

All internationals students may face few or all of above-mentioned issues no matter what country you select.  Saudi Arabia is a strict Islamic practicing country, So, Pakistani students may adjust in the country easily.  As this both countries have same religious values.

While thinking to move abroad for higher education you have to make your mind that you have to adjust according the culture of that particular country. If you go with a mind to adjust according to the environment, you will find ways to address cultural issues. One common thing that international students feel is isolation. They don’t have any friends to talk, or any community in the initial days of their departure.

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