Student Visa of Germany from Pakistan

This article explains basic information regarding Student Visa of Germany for Pakistani citizens.  If you are planning to study abroad, you might consider Germany, as it has some highly ranked institutes. In this article you will be knowing basic general information regarding Germany Student visa from Pakistan.

  • Documents Requirements
  • Language Test
  • Interview Questions Process and Guidelines
  • Process

Students from all over the world are studying in Germany, and it is becoming famous destination for international students. Educational institutes of this country offer variety of courses for international students. Germany Student Visa process from Pakistan is a bit lengthy process, this process consists of different stages. The first step is to select the institute in Germany, then fulfill all documentation requirement to secure admission in that institute. After securing the admission, the next step is visa application submission, fee payment and interview.

Document Requirement

  • German Student Visa Form
  • Two Recent Photographs Minimum Size 35-40 mm (approx. 1 1/2 inch)
  • Valid Passport
  • If Married and have Children (All Details)
  • Security Questionnaire Forms of Germany Student Visa
  • Pakistan Applicant’s Declaration Form of German Student Visa
  • Admission letter of University in Germany
  • Updated Original Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • All Formal Educational Attested Documents
  • Technical Diplomas & Professional Training Certificates (If applicable)
  • Work Experience
  • Proof of Financial Stability (Bank reference Letter and Bank Statement)
  • Previous Visa Refusal Information (Provide all details and reason of visa rejection)
  • Visa Interview Confirmation (Copy of appointment confirmation email)

Language Test

Minimum 6 bands in IELTS or 550 points in TOEFL paper-based test and 213 points in TOEFL computer-based test is minimum criteria to prove your English language skills for Germany Student Visa. Medium of instruction is English in Universities of Germany.

Interview Questions Process and Guidelines

  • You have to acquire basic knowledge regarding Germany, as questions regarding Germany will be asked in Interview
  • They will try to judge your intention as a student and different direct and indirect questions will be asked to identify your intention
  • One of prime objective of this interview is to identify your financial situation
  • Questions regarding your formal education will be asked

You can apply for Germany Student Visa from Pakistan as soon as you get enrolment in University in Germany. We recommend submitting your application at least three months before your first class in University of Germany. As average time for student visa decision on 35 to 70 days.

Biometric information will be collected in German Embassy in Pakistan and your Interview will be conducted.

No health insurance is required for German Student Visa from Pakistan.

A Restricted Bank Account is required, this type of account restricts you to withdraw all of your money, in fact it allows you go withdraw a specific amount each month.  And you can only access your amount once you have arrived in Germany

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