Thailand Student Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens

Thailand is an amazing place with staggering islands, colorful untamed life and Buddhist sanctuaries. Thailand is symbolized as Land of Smiles, it has a welcoming culture, and have delicious Thai food.

Overseas foreigners visit Thailand for multiple reasons, they may plan to complete their Education in well-known Universities or may try their luck in business/investment in this country or go for medical assistance. There is also a huge population of foreign immigrants serving in different companies in Thailand.

 Education in Thailand

People of Thailand are very kind and friendly, Students around the globe are warmly welcomed in Thailand to study. Its educational institutes are internationally recognized, and degrees are respected and accepted globally. Pakistani Students can get admission for a full degree, of for one trade semester in Thailand. Cost of living in Thailand is reasonable and affordable. Universities of Thailand are offering courses in variety of diversified fields, and instruction medium is English.

Thailand Student Visa

Initial step of getting Thailand student visa is to selection of University in Thailand and getting admission. Make sure that the University is government recognized. After securing your admission, the University will send you acceptance letter, you have to submit this letter with the documents when you will apply for Thailand student visa.

One important thing is that Thailand Student Visa validity is shorter than the actual stay of student in Thailand. So, students have to renew their visa before it expires else you will be dropped back to Pakistan.

Thailand is offering different types of Visas for Pakistani Citizens. Each type has its own purpose, specification and requirements. Each visa type has different price, process, validity and requirements. Thailand student visa the requirements are as follows.

Study Visa of Thailand Requirements

  • Your personal letter of Introduction
  • 2 CNIC copies
  • Attested Educational certificates and degrees
  • Original bank statement that shows that you can afford all you expense for at least 1 year.
  • Copy of candidate’s travel permit, for the page with visa.
  • Letter from instructive establishment in Thailand.
  • Non-refundable air ticket
  • Instructive foundation Letter from Thailand’s Government
  • Proof of convenience

Simple 5 step Process

Step 1: University Admission

Select the University and secure you admission.

Step 2: Acceptance Letter

After securing your admission you will be getting a letter of acceptance from the university. This letter states that you have got the admission in the university and the degree will take this much time to complete, and other course details

Step 3: Visa Application Process

After finalizing all of your required documents you can apply for Thailand student visa at any Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in Pakistan.

Step 4: Visa Validity

Student visa of 1 year is valid for just three months. So, within 90 days you have to pay all your tuition fee of recent year/semester and get a confirmation letter regarding your registration. Now apply again for visa extension.

Step 5: Notification

You have to notify Immigration Bureau in every three months. And state your current address. It’s just a simple for with no fees. Immigration Bureau will give you a slip notifying next date.

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