Types of The Visas to Enter in Oman

Oman Is One of The Beautiful and Ideal Places for Work, Study, And Tourism. It Is Safe, And the Crime Rate Is Very Low Here. In This Article, We Will Provide You Some Types of Visas Oman Is Allowing to Enter Here So That You May Choose the Right Type Of Visa According To Your Needs. The Visa That You Choose Depends Upon Your Purpose to Get the Visa.

The following are the types of visas to enter in Oman.

1. Tourist Visa

The visa is used for tourism to enjoy here. It is used by the people who want to visit this country for some days of their life. The maximum tourist visa duration is 30 days. Here you can find beautiful places and the beauty of nature if you are going to visit Oman.

2. Employment Visa

This is the type of visa which is used by those people who want to visit Oman for employment and to earn. Oman is the best in the economy. So, many people go there for the job and earn money. The age of the employees must be years or more. The duration of the visa depends upon the work and the job.

3. Family Joining and the Family Residence Visa

This visa is used by foreigners to the wife and the children. The age must be below 21 years. They may be already residing in Oman. The duration of the visa is two years. After that, you must renew your visa.

4. Student Visa

This is the visa used by the students. Oman is best and ideal for the study s its study system is the best. The duration of the visa is 2 to 3 years. The students may choose a short-term study program such as a diploma or a long-term study program according to the interest.

5. Investor Residence Visa

This type of visa is chosen by those people who have a lot of money and want to invest or consume there in Oman for a good purpose. The maximum duration of this visa is six months.

6. Artist Visa

This type of visa is chosen by artists who want to make shows in Oman for his/her work. The duration of the visa depends upon the consult of the artist he made with a consultant.

7. Scientific Research Visa

This is one of the unique types of visa in Oman. Many of the people go to Oman for research only because of the availability of the instrument and the best universities here. The duration of the visa is three months.

8. Express Visa

This type of visa is chosen by a person who is a great business. The maximum visa duration is 21 days only, and it can’t be renewed. This is used by a man who wants to increase the business and wants to become a reputed man.


These Are the Important Types of Visas for Entering Oman. It Depends Upon You Which Type of Visa You Need According to Your Purpose.

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