Types of Visas Entering in Kuwait From Pakistan

Kuwait Is an Important Country for Different Points of View. Many Pakistani Goes to Kuwait Every Year for Different Purposes. So, In This Article, We Will Provide You the Types of Visas for Entering Kuwait So for Your Convince.

Types of Visas Entering in Kuwait

 The following are the types of visas for Kuwait from Pakistan.

1. Diplomatic Visa

The Government of Pakistan is allowing the diplomatic visa to enter Kuwait for the purpose of the Foreign Affairs promotion. The processing time for the Diplomatic Visa is about one week.

2. Students Visa

Students’ visa can also be used to enter Kuwait from Pakistan. Many of the students from Pakistan go to Kuwait for the purpose of the study and higher education. The visa duration depends upon the time of the study course.

3. Journalist Visa

Pakistan’s Government has permitted the public to get a journalist visa for Kuwait. This is used for the purpose of the information and the articles so that the economy of Pakistan may be raised. This is for a short time.

4. Work Visa

The people of Pakistan are permitted to get a work visa for Kuwait so that more and more ways can be known for the progress of Pakistan. This is one of the most important visas. The economy of Pakistan is going to increase in this way.

5. Tourist Visa

The purpose of the tourist visa is to visit and enjoy the scenery of Kuwait. Kuwait tourist visa is also present for the Pakistani peoples. Many of the Pakistani goes to Kuwait for the purpose of the visit. The visa duration maybe 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days. It is a single entry or multiple entries.

6. Business Visa

It is allowed so that the business of Pakistan may be increased in Kuwait, and in this way, the Pakistani economy will be strong. Before getting a business visa for Kuwait, one must be approved by a business or a well-reputed company. The duration is short as compared to other types of visas.

7. Residence Visa

People who want to get a long-term residency are needed for this visa. This is used by those who already reside in Kuwait and now want to renew their visa or who want to get a permanent residency in Kuwait with his/ her family.

Visa Requirements for Kuwait from Pakistan

The following are the important requirements for entering Kuwait from Pakistan.

  • A Valid Passport
  • Passport-Sized Photographs the Applicant
  • Proof of The Academic Records and Certificates
  • Proof of Health Insurance
  • Proof of The Resident in Case of The Residence Visa
  • Poof of The Approval Letter by A Kuwait Company in Case of Work Visa


The Article Is About the Types of Visas for Kuwait From Pakistan. People Visit Kuwait For Different Purposes. Some People Go There for Work, Some for Business, Some for Study and Some Go for Tourism and Enjoyment. It Depends Upon You for What Purpose You Are Going There.

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