Types of Visas Entering In UAE

UAE Is the United Arab Emirates. The Country Is Federation of The Emirates. This Is the Best Place for The Purpose of Tourism, Work, Job, Business, Study, And All of The Other Activities. This Is the Reason That the Number of Visitors for Different Purposes Is Increasing in UAE every year. In this article, we have provided you a guideline about the types of the visa.

Types of the Visas in UAE

The following are the important types of visas for entering in UAE.

1. 60 Days Tourist Visa

This is called the short-term tourist visa. The visa is valid for the 58 days after the date of the issue. The total visa fee is $272.5, along with the taxes making the total cost of the $ 430. This is used by the people who want to visit the UAE for a short time only for the purpose of leisure and tourism. There are many places in the UAE for the purpose of tourism. The personal biodata and a valid passport are required for this visa.

2. 96 Hours Tourist Visa

This visa is used by the people who want to reside there for four days only. The total visa fee, along with the taxes, is $406. It will take 3-4 days for its processing.

3. 90 Days Visit Visa

This is also used for the purpose of tourism. The duration is three months. The total visa fee is $529 and the additional taxes if you will extend it depending upon the time.

4. Patient Entry Permit Visa

The visa is used for the patients who want to go to UAE for the purpose of the treatment. The patient goes there after the sponsorship in a private or the Government medical hospital. The patient must be approved by a hospital before entering in UAE.

5. GCC Visa

This visa is also called a visa for UAE. This is obtained from the online process. This is taken by the people who want to travel as a GCC residence along with their companions and friends.

Retirement visa for UAE residents

This is used by the retired UAE residents. It is obtained after the complement of a job and after retirement from work in UAE. It is issued after the five years complement of a job there.

6. Transit Visa

The transit visa is of two types. It is issued by airline agencies. 

  • 48 hours free of charge
  • 96 hours for 50 AED only

 7. Student Visa

This is one of the most important types of visas. Many of the international students visit the UAE and study there because of the ideal study environment here. The study system is the best and well furnished. Universities offer many of the short- and long-term programs in UAE.

Visa Types Depending upon the Number of the Individuals Entering in UAE

There are two types of visas depending upon the number of individuals.

  • Single Entry Visa: only one person enters in UAE. The fee is less for a person.
  • Multiple Entry Visa: This is used by the people who want to enter in UAE, the visa fee is greater for the multiple entries.


The Article Is Providing You A Complete Guideline About the Visa for Entering In UAE. It Depends Upon You Which Type of Visa You Require According to Your Purpose.

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