Types of Visas to Enter in Saudi Arabia

If You Are Confused About What Type of Visa You Should Choose for Entering Saudi Arabia, Then You Must Read This Article

Saudi Arabia is one of the great Muslim countries. It is one of the ideal places to visit as well because of the availability of great places here. Read this article to know about the types of visas for entering Saudi Arabia.

Types of the visas entering in Saudi Arabia

The following are the important visa types to enter Saudi Arabia.

1. Saudi Arabia Work Visa

This is the type of visa entering Saudi Arabia for the work and earns money. This is chosen by the people who want to do employment here. This allows people to reside and work here. The visa requires all of the medical health certificates and is allowed if you get a contract from a company or other work.

2. Tourist Visa for Saudi Arabia

This type of visa is used by the people who want to visit Saudi Arabia for tourism. The people who want to enjoy the beautiful places in Saudi Arabia can choose this visa. The visa validity is 30 days, mostly.

3. Business Visa for Saudi Arabia

This type of visa is chosen by the person who is a businessman in his life and is well famous and wants to spread his/ her business. The businessman may conduct meetings, events, and gatherings for this purpose there. The visa is valid for 3 to 6 months. The Saudi Arabia authority will inform you of the formalities for the single entry and the multiple entries. The duration is 30 days of each visit.

4. Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa

This is the type of visa which is used to visit the family r the relative residing there. The most important document for this visa is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government Invitation certificate. So, make sure that you are issued by this certificate before going to this country.

 5. Saudi Arabia Hajj and Umrah Visa

This is one of the most important types of visas in Saudi Arabia. Many of the Muslims from every part of the world visit Saudi Arabia for worship. The Hajj visa is long term then the Umrah visa. Every day the number of the Muslims go there and perform the worships.

6. Student Visa for Saudi Arabia

This is also an important type of visa. The study system is ideal here, especially for Muslims. The duration of the visa depends upon the study program a student wants to study there.

7. Other Types of The Visas

There Is Much Another Type of Visas Depending Upon the Purpose of a Person. These Are

  • Residence Visa for The Residency
  • Diplomatic Visa for The Deals
  • Commercial Visa for The Business
  • Escort Visa for The Children Travel
  • Companion Visa for A Visit with A Friend


The Article Provides You the Types of Visas for Entering Saudi Arabia. The Type of Visa You Choose Depends Upon the Purpose of Your Visit.

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