Ways to Get Scholarships in Canada 

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Canada is one of the world’s most developed countries that offers top-quality education across the globe. Canada is the second-largest city globally, which provides excellence in education with well-known certificates, degrees, and diplomas. There are many highest-ranked universities and colleges in Canada, and the Government manages eighty percent of them.

Besides Canada offering the best universities to study, it also offers them at a higher cost: students have to pay a lot of money for the course they want to study. The only way of getting rid of paying so much to the Canadian Government for studying there is to get a scholarship. Canadian Government provides scholarships for students to finance their education and helps them continue their studies better. 

Different Scholarships for Students in Canada 

Vanier Scholarships 

Open to both international students as well as native students studying in Canadian institutions. This scholarship is worth $50,000 per year for approximately three years.

FONDS Scholarships and Grants 

The Quebec government offers these scholarships through its research funds, especially for doctoral studies, fellowships, and professional development.

Canadian Government Scholarships 

Canada’s global affairs introduce this kind of scholarship. This includes the major international scholarship programs. The official website of the Government allows the student to get the financial award for the study.

How to Get Scholarships in Canada?

There is one way that international student can finance their education is through scholarships. These are the financial awards or non-repayable awards for the students who have good academic records. It is the best way to grab the opportunity to study in Canada and get some good student-life experience. 

Scholarships for international students who dream of studying in Canada are limited, and there is always great competition between students at the postgraduate level.

Post-secondary and Canadian government institutions offer students various possibilities for scholarships, awards, bursaries, and grants to finance their education. The money received from the scholarship is a funding reward which is not needed to be repaid. This fund is offered by the Canadian Government and some private organizations also. 

Even though the Canadian scholarships are limited, it does not mean you can not avail this opportunity. Canada inspires the world with its best education system throughout the world. Everyone wants to grab an opportunity to get a scholarship in this country that offers the latest technology and teaching methods. Studying there improves the personality and confidence level of students to work in a multinational environment.

If you feel that you are a great student and you want to apply for the scholarship, you need to do the following steps, which are given below.

 Start from your Home Country 

To get scholarships, students should explore and find funding possibilities and scholarships from their home countries. Students should contact the education department in their home country to get information.

Get in Touch with the Universities 

If you want to get a scholarship, you need to get in touch with the institution’s financial aid office you want to attend. They will inform you about scholarships for international students and application guidance.


It would help if you learned about scholarships offered by the Government of Canada, private foundations, provincial Government, and non-profit organizations.

You need to understand the requirements. 

This is one of the most important factors you need to understand about the scholarships; It is the most important, just like the scholarship itself. Canadian scholarships have different requirements, so you will waste the opportunity if you do not understand them all well. 

Area of Interest 

There are hundreds of scholarships in Canada, but you must look for a specific scholarship that suits your area of interest. Some of the scholarships are open for every student who participated in it. While on the other hand, some of them are designed for students with professional aspirations.

Reference Letter 

A reference letter is written for the funding award you are applying for, not a letter to whom may it concern type letter. There is no need for smaller rewards, but over $26000 with more application elements have tailored letters; it shows that you take a lot of time to connect with references.

Eligibility Criteria 

  1. Student or candidate must have proof of residency of the following territories;
  • Asia: Taiwan, Nepal, Bangladesh
  • Europe: Ukraine, Turkey
  • Algeria, Jordan, Libya, Morocco
  1. The candidate must be enrolled at post-secondary institutions in the eligible countries.
  2. The one who hold Canadian citizenship or who has a pending application for a permanent resident is not eligible 
  3. The one who is already participating in the scholarship program is not eligible.
  4. If someone is enrolled at a post-secondary institution, they are not eligible.

To apply for scholarships and funding awards provided by the globe affairs of Canada, it is very important to find out the eligibility criteria for every scholarship individually. Also, most of the scholarships require to submit applications from the institution.

Therefore, if you do not want to miss out on the chance of getting a scholarship based on your negligence, it is most important to know in detail what each scholarship requires from you to fulfill. However, the first thing should be preparing all the required documents. 

Required Percentage 

If you planned to get a scholarship in Canada, the minimum percentage for applying is eighty percent marks in school. Also, the candidate’s parental income should not be more than four lacs.


Canadian scholarships are not different; the passion for the scholarship can never be overruled, especially when many candidates are applying for the scholarship; and one who shows passion and personality for the topic gets it.

Authorities read a lot of applications, but your application must be written so that it feels like you are talking to them directly. 

Believe in Yourself 

Above all, the most important aspect is to believe in yourself. You should apply for every scholarship and have faith in yourself that you will get a scholarship. This motivates you to get further with your future and helps you achieve the possibility of a scholarship.

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