Get a Japanese Visa

Japanese Visa Requirements.

International traveling is a fantastic activity to enjoy life. Every state requires some documentation to enter the state.

A visa is a traveling document permitted by the Japanese government. It allows the visitors to stay in the state for a specific time.

Some countries are free from this condition, and they can visit the country whenever they wish. These citizens can perform all the activities like study, job, and business.

Visa Types in Japan

There are many different types of Japanese visas available right now, and the department will release more information in the future, including the eVisa.

The interested candidates can obtain the visas directly through Japanese embassies and consulates. However, you can get the e-Visa application online.

There are three types of visas available in Japan:

  • Japanese Working Permit
  • Non-Working Permit
  • Family Visa

Japanese Tourist Visa

Due to the pandemic scenario, the traveling department postpones the launch of the Japan Tourist e-Visa until further notice. The electronic visa is the most meaningful part of the state’s larger goal of 60 million annual foreign tourists by 2030.

The online application form will be simple to fill out, eliminating the need for travelers to visit an embassy or consulate to finish the process. It helps to make the visa application procedure more accessible.

The department will email e-Visa to the applicants after the application approval. E-Visa allows travelers to enter the country by presenting their e-Visa at the border.

The e-Visas will be single-entry, and payment by credit or debit card will be required to apply. In the months running up to the visa’s debut, the staff will release further information.

Visa Requirements For A Japanese Visa

There are the following visa requirements for a Japanese visa permit.

  • An official ID of the wishing candidate
  • His valid passport
  • The passport shall be legal and  valid for a minimum of six months
  • Your application with all your necessary data
  • Your passport size photos with white background
  • Details about your financial sources
  • Information regarding your academic history, if necessary
  • Information regarding any internship or research training if you hold any
  • Your work experiences and skill’s details
  • If an employer or company invites you, then provide all the essential details.
  • Information regarding your physical health
  • Provide a copy of your life insurance
  • Permission letter provided by your homeland government
  • Prove that you will be back in your country after the visa expiry
  • Prove that you are clean and you never have any illegal or criminal record
  • Details regarding you’re latest residence and flight reservation

You shall contact your embassy or a traveling agency. The staff can help and guide you better. Ask the real possible question in your mind and clear your confusion as much as you can.

Internet is full of such websites. Download your desired visa application form, and fill it. Provide all the details legal & correct.

Make a proper setup for an interview or general meeting to get more information. Don’t forget to sign and stamp your documents.

Final Words

Japan is a beautiful state in Asia, and it is quite famous due to its products and beauty trends. Various people visit this state every day.

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