Get Australian Study Visa Form Pakistan

This article provides deep insight regarding Australian Study Visa, its process and processing fees

Pakistani students have developed a huge trend to get a foreign professional degree. Australia is ranked really high for international students to complete their education, this is one of the favorite destinations because of excellent diversified educational opportunities and for its beauty. There are variety of diversified range of educational option n Australia for international students. Australia has more than 1,200 institutions that offers over 22,000 different courses,

Australian Student Visa

This Visa Type is for those who come to Australia with a vision to complete their education.  For this Visa you have to register yourself in an educational institute and then apply for the visa on the biases of your regeneration. This visa lasts up to one-month extra form you course duration for more precise (28 days after your last class).

Requirements for Study Visa

Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE)

Australian Study visa process starts with the Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE). You have to select a program and university/college and secure your admission in that institute. And get Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) letter/certificate.

English language

Pakistani students have to prove that they have a good grip on English language, so they have to keep minimum score of IELTS and maintain English proficiency level. There are many certifications that depicts English proficiency level and are recognized in Australia. These certifications are IELTS certification, Pearson (PTE), Cambridge (CAE) tests or TOEFL,

Satisfactory Health

Proof you good health is also required for study visa, they must have health insurance from the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

Financial Support

Finances is an important aspect; Australian education sector is a good positive financial injector in Australian economy. So, they demand that international students should provide proof that they can afford the degree, living, travel expense etc.

Other Requirements

There are certain Student Visa Requirements that has to be fulfills to get Australian Student Visa.

  • First requirement is character certificate, or in Pakistan it is commonly known as Police Clearance Certificate.
  • High School Degree/ Certificate (If you are applying in University for undergraduate degree)
  • All the certificates should be in English, and if you have some certificate in any other language you get them translated in English.

Visa Fee

You have to pay 450 Australian dollars and they are non-refundable. Some additional cost will be incurred while your medical examination, police clearance and on certificate translations

Processing Time

Level 1: 14 days                                  Level 2: 21 days                      Level 3 or 4: 3 months

One last important thing is that if students need to renew their Australian student visa, they must renew it when they are in Australia, if they leave Australia and their visa expires, they have to reapply for the visa and pay all visa fee etc.

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