How to Get China Study Visa from Pakistan

If you are planning to go abroad to complete your education, China is a nice good option. To enter in china for study purpose study visa is required. This visa is for specific time period and for study purpose only.  After completing your education you have to come back to your home country. Study visa tenure depends upon time duration of your selected degree. There are two major categories of China student Visa.

Category X1 – If the degree duration is exceeding 6 months you need to get X1 Student visa type.

Category X2 – If the degree duration is less than 6 months, you need to get X2 Student visa type.

X type visa holders are not allowed to work in China.

Initial step for china student visa is selection of educational institute. Once you have selected the institute get enough information regarding that institute, and confirm it that the institute is accredited to offer internships or courses to foreigners. The institute will send you an admission letter and JW201 or JW202. You need to submit photocopies of these documents along with your student visa application

Temporary Resident Permit

After entering into china those students having X1 visa type have to apply for Temporary Residence Permit from local Public Security Bureau (PSB) within one month. Temporary residence permit can be valid up to five years maximum and 180 days minimum. Those who have X2 Visa Type don’t need to get temporary residence permit.

Documentation Requirement

Before jumping towards required documentation, the most important thing to ensure is that the documentation should be authentic and genuine. Because if any fake documentation is identified, the rules are very strict and it may results in forever disability of visa application

Original passport – At least six month validity and two bank pages for visa, plus photocopies of initial two pages of passport that have your personal information and recent Chinese Visa (if applicable).

Application form – Completely filled visa application form (Form V2011A).

Photograph – Recent colored photograph of 30mm X 40mm size.

Character Certificate – You are required to submit local police clearance certificate for the first time to enter into China

Admission Letter – This letter will be sent to you by your university

Degrees and Certificates – Attested mark sheet, degrees and certificates (Photocopy and original)

Physical Examination Record – This should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamabad.

Application Process

Get all documentation complete and sent it to your selected University. If you get approval from the university, they will send you an admission letter. You can now apply for China Study Visa.

Submit your visa application to Visa Office of the Embassy or Consulate General. You do not need and appointment for this submission. Mailed applications are not processed.

Normal decision of visa approval or disapproval time is 4 working days. For urgent visa process extra 20$ will be charged and the decision will come within 2 – 3 days. For rush service extra 30$ are required and you can get decision within one day.

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