How to Get Study Visa in America?

Are You in Search of American Study Visa?

If You Are Facing Trouble in Finding A Study Visa in America, Then These Are the Guidelines For You.

America is helping students who want to come to America for their educational purpose. Before applying to a visa in America all of the candidates/ students must be accepted and approved for the school or the program they want to join. Once you are accepted then you will be provided with complete guidelines and information about the study visa procedure.

The type of visa a person wants to get in America depends upon the type of the program which is selected. However, the visa application procedure is the same for all of the programs. The study institute will inform you in case of any additional details.

Following are some cool guidelines for you to get a study visa easily without any obstacle.

Types of Visa 

Before applying to a visa you must know about the type of visa according to your program. This is the first and foremost step for applying for a study visa. There are 3 types of study visa in America which are:

  1. F-1
  1. M-1
  2. J-1

F-1: Most of the international students need this visa for study. This is for those students who have been selected for a full-time academic program at any American college or university. Students whose study time is more than 18 hours per week should apply for this visa. 

M-1: This type of visa is for those students who have been selected for the vocational study program. 

J-1: This is for those students who have been accepted as an educational exchange program. These students will immediately return home after completing and getting a degree. Candidates are only enrolled at university and can study at their homes. 

Application process

After you have applied for a program and your information is added in the American Database program the next step is to follow the application process mentioned below for the getting visa. This database serves as your identity and eligibility called I-20.

i. Completing non-immigrant visa 

This is called as DS-160. You have to complete it and submit it by using your local American embassy. You must have all of the required documents in your hand at the time of filling this. The time is only 20 minutes and once you have lost your page then it is necessary to start again.

ii. Filling out SEVIS-901

This is called the Student and Exchange Visa Information System. You must fill SEVIS-901 before your interview in any university or school. You have to pay the fee for this purpose. 

iii. Fee payments 

The last step is to pay the fee before your interview again. 

Remember your ID. The total fee you have to pay for all processes is $220. You have to send the deposit copy of the fee at the online address to your academic institute. 


These are the guideline for all of you want to study in America. Gets your study visa by following these guidelines and move to America to study.

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