How to Get USA Student Visa

A practical advice for Pakistanis Students.

Students from all over the world dream to studying American universities, and in their response,  USA also shows a welcoming attitude towards different students of different nationalities. It is not had to get admission in USA as thousands of world-wide students go to America for better Education.

If you plan to study in America take a deen thorough look at the university course outline and find out what they expect from the international students, their passing criteria, courses, fee structure, location, everything.

Two Main Types of Student Visas for Pakistanis

F-1 Visa type is the most common type of student visa, This Visa is required if the course of study exceeds from 18 hours a week. Same type of visa is required for private schools, colleges and universities students.

The other type of student visa is M-1. This is for those to want to enroll in vocational courses or nonacademic courses in Institutes of America.

Who are Eligible for US Student Visa F-1?

In order to apply for F-1 visa you must show your intention that you will return to your home country from USA after completing your education,

  • You must select the course before you apply for the visa. This selection of course should be after detailed research because once you have identified the course, and you managed to get F-1 Visa you cannot change your institute without any circumstances.
  • Proof of your enough financial standing is obligatory in both F-1 And M-1 Visa.
  • The most critical aspect that to get student visa is to show the proof that you will come back after completing your education. Provide then proof of strong ties with Pakistan. Your relationships, property etc.
  • Some tiny things to consider is that you should have a valid passport and your color digital photo

Total Expense

It is essential for F-1 Visa to show your financial backing. Proof of enough funds to finance your food, travel, clothes and housing is required? Cost of living varies in USA, in urban the living is much expensive and in rural areas or smaller towns living is comparatively cheap.

Different universities have different fees structure and is varies, most of the public universities are less expensive than private ones. However private universities have different scholarships to offer, you can secure one of them, but in USA Public Universities do not offer any scholarship.

Some other expenses are, you must deposit 160$ nonrefundable application fee for applying in US Universities. You must pay almost 1000$ per person for health insurance every year.

When to Apply

Mostly it is advised to apply 120 days before the starting date of your course. Different states have different application processes, and same is the case is with Universities, Different universities have different application process. Normally applying in Universities of America is time consuming complicated process. If you are serious about studying in USA, you should give enough time to your application process and the recommended time in 120 days or more.

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