How to Secure A Job in Germany

Follow These Guidelines and Secure Your Job in Germany

Germany is a great place for foreigners as it welcomed the migrants searching for the job. But there is a problem with how you should secure a position. Nobody wants to leave an excellent job in such a great country as Germany. But it happens to all of us, unfortunately. So, this article will provide you some tips and guidelines about how to secure your job in Germany. The economy of Germany is increasing, and the unemployment rate is very low here.

Some of the important ways and the tips for securing the job in Germany are the following.

Knowing About Your Disapproval

You will be only dismissed or disapproved by your boss if he will give you an official signed letter; otherwise, you should ignore all of the illegal notes.

Fill a Complaint Form

If you feel that you will lose your job, then you must file a complaint form, and you just have three weeks to do this. This complaint form is known as Kundigungsschutzlage (Unfair dismissal complaint). If you do not fill this form within three weeks, then it will be bad, and your self will be responsible for this.

You Must Know About the Termination of Your Contract

This is most of the important point to know if you are losing your job. If the employee is unofficially dismissing you from the job, then you should correct or prove yourself as the good and working guy. As a result, the employee will call you by him. If your termination is personenbedingt (Person clause), it means that you have been noticed by your employer that you cannot work anymore due to no longer performing a key requirement of the job. So, make sure not to do any unconvinced or any other wrong conduct with your job living in Germany.

Rising your Frist

If you have worked for a long time, then you will receive a notice of 3 months for the work by your company. If you do not receive this notice, then you must contact your employer for this purpose. In this way, you can raise your job duration by working firmly with your job. It’s called rising you’re first.

Singing on for Welfare

If, unfortunately, you lose your job, then inform the Federal Employment Agency (FDA) about it within just one day after receiving a letter of your job abandon that is the cause of your unemployment. You can inform the FDA by the source of the email or even phone number. But it is best if you will go to your FDA person and you must do this on the first day after leaving your job. The FDA will pay you about 60% of your salary after tax cutting. If you are married and have the children, you will receive 67%. So, in this duration, you can again gain your job by gaining your right.


These are some tips for you if you are losing your job in Germany. Follow these guidelines and secure your job in this beautiful and economically established country.

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