Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Visa from Pakistan

All you need to know for Entering into Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Visa Requirement for Pakistani Citizens (Process, Documentation & Fee)

More than a million Pakistani immigrants live and work in Saudi Arabia. Thousands of people visit Saudi Arabia each year.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) visa process from Pakistan is very simple. Individuals intent to get Saudi Visa have to fill a form and submit it at the Etimad visa centers. These centers are available in many big Cities of Pakistan. For Saudi Visa: biometric is compulsory. Biometric process is, that you visit visa center and they collet information of your figure prints and your digital photograph.

This process just for Saudi Business Visit Visa and Saudi Family Business Visa, For Hajj and Umrah Visa the process is slightly different.

An important point to learn is that you have to submit a form online, that is known as Enjaz registration. This submission will be done by Visa Service Center staff, but they will give you the form after filling it. So that you can check and acknowledge its correctness by signing the Enjaz form.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Family Visit Visa For Pakistani Citizen

It is a short-term visa: this type of visa is issued to family members or relatives of Saudi residents or people working in Saudi Arabia. If you fall in this category you have to provide details of your sponsor what is residing in KSA.

Requirements for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Family visit visa From Pakistan

  • First & Last Page of Sponsors Passport: Spouse Names Should be Amended in the Passport.
  • Proof of Relationship. Birth Certificate (Original & Photo Copy) for Children & Marriage Certificate for Married Ones.
  • MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) & Polio Vaccinations.
  • Electronic Waqala (Visa Slip)
  • Pre-Approval Family Visit Permit Copy Issued by Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
  • Original Passport of Applicant Minimum Six Months Validity
  • Two Recent Passport Size Pictures

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Business Visa For Pakistani Citizen

Businessmen who want to visit Saudi Arabia for business purposes i.e. finding business opportunities in Saudi Arabia for partner shipping or investment or for Saudi Market Analysis. This visa is issued to heads of established businesses or senior C-level officials and lasts up to one year. Individual can enter into Saudi Arabia multiple times through this visa. Those who have business visa can apply for Saudi Escort Visas for their family i.e. children, wives or husband.

Requirements for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Family Visit Visa from Pakistan

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) & Polio Vaccinations.
  • Copy of Certificate of Membership Issued by Company by Chamber of Commerce in Pakistan
  • Letter of Introduction Regarding the Company that S/He Owns
  • Two Recent Passport Size Pictures
  • Original Passport of Applicant Minimum Six Months Validity
  • Visa Application Form

Some Useful Information for Saudi Visa

  • Obtain all necessary documents before submission of visa application
  • Take all your necessary documents along at the time of appointment at Etimad Visa Center
  • You can track your visa application by visiting Etimad website
  • If you get visa rejection you can reapply, you don’t have the option to appeal

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