Study in New Zealand without IELTS from Pakistan

Concise Article Explaining all Basic Requirements & Processes of New Zealand Student Visa Form Pakistan

Thousands and thousands of international students secure their admission in Educational institutes of New Zealand, Universities offer diversified course to satisfy students from diversified fields. The local government is continuously improving facilities for international students, the government is majorly focusing of institutes of technologies and fields of polytechnics. To support international students for completion of their degree the government has announced significance commitment in past few years.

Non-natives of New Zealand who are interested in studying in New Zealand have to get a student visa from New Zealand immigration department. International students must fulfill certain criteria and meet certain rules and requirements before getting student visa.

The first step is to select an institute and the course you want to study. Secure your admission in that institute, after getting admission, the university/college will send you an approval letter. When you get the approval you can start your visa application process, but make sure you don’t waste time, as there is a limit time frame to complete all visa approval process and fly for New Zealand.

Documentation Requirement for New Zealand Student Visa

Your all documentation should be valid and authentic, else it may results in visa rejection

  • Letter of Acceptance (This letter is from the educational institute that has given you the admission.
  • 2 copies of Reference letters from university/college
  • New Zealand Student Visa Application Form (Completely filled and properly signed with all correct and true information)
  • Booking Return Ticket
  • Accommodation details in New Zealand.
  • When you get the visa approval  you have to pay the tuition fee to college/statute of New Zealand
  • Medical Examination Reports and X-ray.
  • Police Clearance Certificate- (not older than 6 months)
  • Student ID card copy
  • Birth Certificate  (English translated or English copy)
  • Valid original passport (At least 3 months validity when you leave your home country
  • Father’s Form B-  (English translated or English copy)
  • Property certificate-if any
  • Financial Evidence (Bank statement and Affidavit of support)
  • stamp paper of at least Rs.30/- explaining Monthly income sponsor
  • For sponsors who are doing their own business must provide details regarding their business and documents of business such as Tax returns, business registration, visiting cards and letter heads.

Application Process

To enter and stay in New Zealand for completion of your studies you have to get a Student Visa. The application process of New Zealand Student Visa is simple for international students who intent to complete their education in New Zealand.

You have to fill the application form completely, and sent the signed application form along with entire basic required documents. If the information is incomplete your case will not be processed. So, recheck all your documents and check your health status.

Visa Fee

Student Visa for New Zealand fee is NZ$ 250 approximately.

Decision Time:

Decision time for Student Visa of New Zealand is approximately 25 days

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