UK Student Visa

Requirements of Universities of UK, and Some Insights

You can start your application process today, just follow the flowing instructions

Getting UK visa for students is not a difficult task, more than 20000 students study in London. You need to understand the requirements and procedure before applying for UK Student Visa. The first step is to find the course you want to study, and fond the university in which you want to get enrollment. After selection of the university, communicate with the university, and try to secure your admission in that university. Remember the application process for all degrees is not same, it varies, e.g. the process for undergraduate is different from post graduate degrees. You should also check the basic requirements of UK student visa, are you eligible for student visa or not?

Basic Requirements for Pakistani Students in UK

As you know that we have different education system here in Pakistan and the education system of UK is different. So, the Universities of UK also offer courses that helps in balancing the difference in both countries education system.

Entry Requirements for Bachelor’s Degree

An International foundation course is required for students who have passed their 12th grade in Pakistan and have HSSC degree. Else if someone have a two or three-year bachelor’s degree and is willing to start his/her education from first or second year of Bachelors in England, then they can skip international foundation course. For A levels, Advanced Placement exams or International Baccalaureate is enough, and students can get admission directly in undergraduate courses.

Entry Requirements for Postgraduate Students

Those Pakistani Students will be considered for post graduate degree program who have successful passed their 4 years bachelor’s degree. Students having 2 or 3-year bachelor’s degree should go for a master’s degree in Pakistan and get at least first division to apply for post graduate degree in UK. they must also have a First Division in their master’s degree or if the degree shows GPA score, then students must score at least 2.6 to 3.3 out of 4. Applicant must contact international office of the university in which s/he is applying and they will explain applicant status and the entry level requirements.

London & Pakistani Students

One of the most famous and popular destination for Pakistani Students is London, approximately more than 2,000 students from Pakistan live in London. it is because many top world-renowned universities are in London. And Pakistani students prefer to study in those universities because demand of degrees from these universities is very high. One can get a good respectable job if s/he has a professional degree from top level universities.

Most of the Universities in London have Islamic student societies, Pakistani societies  and Asian societies.  These societies are very active, they have regular meetings. One can enjoy Asian food, culture, and events in London.

Students prefer to study in London because of high educational standard, Historical Background of UK, different entertainment facilities and most importantly the wide mix of culture. Students enjoy their stay in London, they get the opportunity to meet people of different cultures. And learn good things from their culture.

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